The Only Electronic Bound Book and eForms Software,
built and managed by the leading FFL compliance firm.

FFLs are sold software, not ATF compliance solutions,
leaving them confused and in some cases, less compliant than before.
We’ve solved that problem – 65,000,000 times.

Integrates With your POS and ERP
Multiple Users and Multiple FFLs – NO Upcharge
Fast and Simple Transactions
Easy to Use and Manage
Fully Compliant with ATF Ruling 2016-1, 2, and 3
One Click ATF Inspection Readiness
Utilizes The Most Secure Servers Available

3 Electronic ATF Software Solutions Starting at $10/mo
Accessible via Plug & Play Web Browser or Through Your ERP / POS

Solution 1
Designed Specifically for
Firearm Manufacturing

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  • Electronic Bound Book (2016-1 / ATF Compliant)
  • Electronic AFMER and Variance Submission
  • Electronic NFA Form 2, Form 4, and Others
  • Electronic Import Forms 6 and 6a
  • Electronic 4473 and Multiple Sales Forms
Solution 2
Designed Specifically for
Firearm Retailers

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  • Electronic Bound Book (2016-1 / ATF Compliant)
  • Electronic e4473 and Multiple Sales Forms
Solution 3
Custom Designs
and Integration

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  • Custom eA&D Built Into a Large Scale ERP or POS
  • Custom NFA eForms Integration with ERP
  • Custom e4473 Integration with POS and eA&D
  • 3rd Party Integrations via API