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Gun Friendly Payment Solution

Over 2,000 Firearm Merchants Served

Orchid Pay™ is a firearm merchant payment solution for all FFL types. Whether you’re a manufacturer, retailer or eCommerce merchant, you can reliably process credit card payments wherever you sell firearms.

NSSF Preferred Vendor

Customers: Retail – Distribution – Manufacturing

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Chandler Tactical Firearms
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Gun Industry Marketplace
Arrowhead Rifles
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Don’t Get Booted from Your Anti-Firearm Processor

Orchid PayTM is A Better Firearm Merchant Solution

Don’t get cut off by Square, PayPal or other non-firearm-friendly banks.

Swipe, Dip or Tap

Our leadership has served over 2,000 firearm industry merchants

Payments Simplified

Unrestricted processing for FFLs

Next Day Funding

Funding in as little as 24 hours

Price Lock

Locked pricing and no contracts or early termination fees makes Orchid Pay flexible and safe

Affordable Pricing

Some of the lowest rates available in the  firearms industry.

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“We were looking for a payment processor that understood the industry, supported American’s Second Amendment rights and was committed to helping us reduce our operational expenses. Orchid has done that and we are expecting to save over six figures in our first year using Orchid Pay™.”

Kevin Riggott, CFO, Taurus Holdings

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