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The 'Boom Book' by Orchid - explosive record keeping made easy

Starting at $125 Per Month

The Orchid FEL Book is an easy-to-use and intuitive software that ensures ATF compliance and accurate reporting for FEL and explosive permit holders. Contact our team today for a demo!

Customers: Explosives – Ammunitions

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FEL Record Keeping Features


Aquire (Receive)

Acquire explosives materials by weight and manufacturers marks of identification (date shift code) and lot number

Acquire (Manufacture)

Document the manufacturing of explosives materials and store by magazine type


Control the disposition of explosive materials to licensed carriers and transferee authorized possessors


Document the movement of explosives materials within storage facilities or between storage facilities


Documents the use of explosives materials


Acquisitions Report

Report of the acquisition of explosives materials

Carrier Delivery Report

Report of the delivery of explosives materials to and from a carrier

Disposition Record

Records of the disposal or transfer of explosives materials

DSMT Record

Records of the daily transactions involving the acquisition, possession, and disposal of explosives materials

Transferee Authorization Processor Record

Records of an authorization of a transferee to possess explosives materials

Use Record

Records of the use of explosives materials

User Activity Record

Records of the activities of authorized users with explosives materials


Manage FEL or Permit

Create or manage existing FEL licenses or permits


Add/remove carriers and easily view available carriers


Add standard explosives by high, low and blasting agent classifications


Define magazines by Type 1 – 5 and control storage of explosive materials


Add a list of manufacturers to help automate processes


Add a list of importers to help automate processes


Add a list of available transferors to help automate processes


Add any available transferees to help automate processes


Account Settings

Manage high-level account details such as 

Automated Backup

Manage your automated backups

Change Password

Enhance security and change your password if necessary

Manage Users

Add or remove users and manage activity

Support Center

Contact an FEL Book support specialist

Benefits of using Orchid FEL Book software

Complete and accurate records

Ensure all FEL transactions are logged accurately with our easy-to-use software

Compliance with federal regulations

FEL Book is compliant with all ATF explosive regulations

Peace of mind

Utilize the latest technologies to simplify operations and ensure compliance

Standalone application

As a stand-alone cloud-based application, FEL Book can be accessed from any of your machines with no additional software needed

Affordable pricing

Starting at $125 a month with no need for additional third-party applications like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Accurate reporting

Reporting dashboards and a variety of analytic reports are available to help drive data-driven decisions and assist with ATF inspections

Ensure compliance with ATF regulation

Accurately record all explosive transactions and maintain ATF compliance.


Compliant with 27 CFR 555 and Ruling 2007-1


Automate data entry processes to reduce manual data entry errors


Confirms all required fields are filled out prior to submitting records to ensure complete and accurate record keeping

FEL Details
FEL License and Permit

Standalone application with a simple setup

FEL Book doesn’t require a third-party systems to manage compliance. We’ve got everything you need in one cloud-based application.


Purchase and get started the same day


Access via a web browser on any computer or tablet


Easily configure your book by adding FEL or Permit, carriers, explosives, magazines, importers, and much more

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