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Attorney Philip Milks

Attorney Philip Milks

Lead Firearms Attorney

Formerly Remington Outdoor Company LLC, National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF)

Expertise – Revocation Defense, Active FFL Protection, Federal and State Firearm Laws, ATF Licensing and FFL Business Operations and ATF Communications

Orchid Law Featured Legal Services

Revocation Defense

  • Hearing Representation

  • Warning Conference RepresentationLegal defense

  • Remediation Planning and Implementation

Federal & State Firearm Laws

  • GCA / NFA Manufacturing, Distribution, and Sales

  • State Laws, Restrictions, and Firearm Rosters

  • Imports and Exports

ATF Communications

  • Classification and Determination Requests

  • Variance Requests

FFL Protection

  • ATF inspection preparation

  • On-call Legal Support

  • Compliance Program Implementation

Licensing & Business Operations

  • FFL / SOT State Licensing

  • Corporate Structure and Responsible Persons

  • Business Acquisition Regulatory Due Diligence

  • Strategic License Transition, Consolidation, Surrender Planning


  • Commercial Agreements

  • Distribution Agreements

  • Warranties

Find Out Why FFLs Choose Orchid Law™

Compliance with state and federal regulations

Prevent your FFL from inadvertently violating any laws or regulations and facing penalties or even license revocation

Secure necessary licenses and permits

Draft and advise on the completion of necessary applications and any required supporting documentation

Access to legal expertise

Train leadership and staff and get answers to all of your compliance questions

Outstanding FFL revocation defense track record

Orchid Law™ has a proven track record and has won 100% of FFL revocation cases

Peace of mind

Know that you have access to legal expertise and are taking steps to ensure compliance with federal firearms regulations

Cost savings

An inexpensive service compared to the cost of violating penalties and hiring internal staff

Firearms Industry Experts

Orchid Law partners with numerous industry leaders and regulatory professionals who are ready to serve you

Andy Graham

Andrew R. Graham

Chief Firearms and Explosives Officer

Formerly: ATF Deputy Assistant Director, Enforcement Programs and Services (EPS)

Expertise: Regulatory Services, Inspection Support, Ammunition & FEL Explosives & FAET

Jason - FFL Export Specialist

Jason Knowles

Director of Export Services

Formerly: United States Air Force, U.S. State Department, DDTC

Expertise: Firearm Exports

Phil Milks

Tim Duffy

Vice President of Regulatory Services

Formerly:U.S. Army, U.S. State Department, DDTC

Expertise: Firearm Exports

Get all of your FFL solutions from one vendor

Orchid is the only one-stop-shop for FFLs that provides all of the essential software and services. No need to contract multiple FFL vendors. That means one phone number, one support portal, one seamless experience.