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$175 Per Month - Includes Bound Book / 4473, Inventory Management and more!

Tired of poor customer service and anti-firearm POS software? Orchid provides the best point-of-sale software for FFLs with easy-to-use features, premier customer service and ATF compliance. Contact our team today for a demo!

NSSF Preferred Vendor

Available Plans: Enterprise Suite

Customers: Retail – Range

Gun Store POS

Here are just a few retailers we are trusted by

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Cross Armory
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High Caliber Weaponry and Training
J&S Manufacturing<br />
Oakdale Gun Club

Distributor SKUs are pre-loaded in Orchid POS™


Reduction in annual POS and hardware spend

Saved in FFL revenue due to Orchid services and software

Range & Gun Store POS Essential Features

Inventory Management

Classroom Management

Employee Management


Trade-in / Consignment

ATF Compliance

Membership Billing


Loyalty & Gift Cards


NSSF Preferred Vendor &
2022 Firearm POS Company of the Year

Benefits of using Orchid POS software


Orchid POS™ natively integrates with bound book / 4473, ecommerce, digital storage and more with no 3rd party integrations required

Simplify ATF Compliance

Remain ATF compliant by automating processes and cutting down on errors with built. in features like ATF FFL EZ check

Dropshipping, live distributor feeds and bulk uploads

Get live distributor feeds and dropshipping capabilities with our AmmoReady integration and/or bulk import distributor catalogs

Upgrade anytime to sell inventory online

Orchid POS™ natively integrates with Orchid eCommerce so you can easily sell in-store inventory online

Simplify gun shop and range operations

Get essential features to help you manage, inventory, employees, gunsmithing, consignments, accounting membership billing and much more

FFL Expert Premier Support

Tired of your POS provider lacking in customer service? Orchid offers premier customer support to help with all of your FFL technology and compliance questions

Gun Store POS Solution

Tired of purchasing gun store software from multiple vendors?

Orchid POS™ is a one-stop-shop solution. Get everything you need to run your gun store with a single subscription.


Access to help desk and live support to assist with all of your FFL software and compliance questions


Natively integrates with Orchid’s bound book, digital storage, 2A payments, ecommerce and state gun law software – no 3rd party integrations required


Access to ATF compliance, import and export experts

Instantly add inventory from vendor catalogs

Subscribe to various vendor catalogs to add products to your POS.


Live access to over 350,000 catalog items


Subscribe to a catalog to add all or specific items


Search for and quick add products by SKU, vendor, manufacturer, firearm type, caliber/gauge, and more!


Automate processes to reduce error and violating penalties

Ensure your gun store is always prepared for an ATF inspection with accurate FFL records.


Automatically log transactions into your bound book


Reduce the need to manual enter data and prevent non-regulatory errors with built in integrations such as ATF FFL EZ check, NICS check and Orchid eState


Stay organized by automatically storing ATF related documents on the cloud

Start dropshipping with live distributor feed data on your POS

AmmoReady and Orchid POS seamlessly integrate to create the industry’s leading gun store solution.


Live, streaming distributor inventory


List in-store inventory online


Customizable webstore for dropshipping

Online Gun Store

Upgrade anytime and get a fully customized website for your gun store

For an additional $50 a month get a customized website that fits your brand and sell in-store inventory online with no 3rd party advertisements.


Natively integrates with POS to list on-hand inventory with live quantities


Fully customize your website and make changes on the fly in easy to use content management system (CMS)


Online class booking, membership sales and range reservations

NASGW SCOPE CLX Market Data Reports

As part of the NASGW SCOPE program, Orchid’s clients gain access to the association’s market data reports.


Firearm sales trends


Top manufacturers, models and calibers


And much more


Orchid POS On-Demand Demos

Orchid POS Case Studies

White text atop gray background next to photo of High Caliber Weaponry & Training gun store

Gun Store POS Case Study: High Caliber Weaponry & Training Selects High Caliber POS

Client: High Caliber Weaponry & Training
Location: Nashville, TN
Website: highcalibernashville.com

White text atop gray background next to photo of rifles on wall of JW Firearms

Gun Store POS Case Study: One-Man Retailer Uses All-In-One POS

Client: JW Firearms
Location: Socorro, NM
Website: Facebook Page

White text atop gray background next to photo of rifles on wall of SMD Outdoors

Gun Store POS Case Study: Growing Outdoors Retailer Upgrades to Professional POS

Client: SMD Outdoors
Location: St. Johnsbury, VT
Website: stmichaelsdefense.com

Software Integrations

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