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FFL Bound Book Software [2022]:
Orchid eBound™

The Simplest, Most Compliant and Most Trusted
FFL Software for A&D Bound Books & ATF Form 4473

The Only FFL Compliance Software with an FFL Attorney Backing


FFL Bound Book Software - Orchid eBound

Reduce Firearm Compliance Costs and Pass ATF Inspections with Confidence

Streamline operations and integrate with ERP, POS or eCommerce with the industry’s #1 FFL compliance software – Orchid eBound™.


Record all ATF regulated transactions in a simple but powerful bound book


Comply with ATF Rulings 2016-1, -2 ,-3, and 2021R-05


Turn any desktop, tablet or mobile device into a compliant 4473 with digital signature


Get control over serialized firearm inventory and forms

Trusted for FFL Bound Book Software and Custom Built A&D Books

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Integrated Form 4473

Batch Processing

Intuitive Search Technology

Find Out Why FFLs Are Upgrading To Orchid eBound™
as their Preferred FFL Bound Book Compliance Software


Industry’s #1 choice for FFL technology and live, real-time compliance support


The only bound book that natively integrates with its own POS, eCommerce, and Payments solution


The Orchid team has processed nearly one billion firearm A&D transactions


Get up and running in minutes with a quick start


The only FFL software owned and operated by a compliance firm


Designed by FFL attorneys, firearm compliance experts and former ATF


The Only FFL Law-backed compliance software for electronic A&D Books and ATF Form 4473


Upgrade to Orchid eStorage or 4473Cloud and go Paperless

Orchid eBound Features

ATF Inspection Violations and Inefficiencies are Avoidable with the #1 FFL Compliance Software

Why Pay More?

No need to pay more for additional bound books. Get unlimited bound books with Orchid eBound™.

Unlimited Transactions

GCA, NFA, Import, Export, Consignment, Transfers, Gunsmithing and Pawn.

Integrated e4473 and Multiple Sales Form

Firearm transfers automatically post from Orchid’s e4473 to the bound book.

Kiosk Mode & Digital Signature

Operate one or more customer kiosks enabled with digital signature to complete Form 4473s.

Automated Backups & Cloud Storage

Be ATF 2016-1 compliant on day one. Orchid eBound™ automatically backs up records on a daily basis.

ERP, POS & eCommerce Integrations

Eliminate dual entry and integrate Orchid eBound™ with your favorite ERP or POS software.

Serialization & Barcode Scanning

Automatically record serialized firearms with ease. Every transaction utilizes simple barcode scanning.


FFL Type Ahead & Auto Complete

Start typing the names of ATF firearm types, your preferred vendor or customer and we’ll autofill the rest.

Powerful Bulk Serial Number Processing

Use our Bulk Processing, Cut/Paste Batch Import or Spreadsheet Upload for large transactions.

Item, Vendor & Customer Data

No need to keep typing in the same information. Orchid eBound™ retains prior entries in easy to access master tables.

Fully Integrated with ATF eZ Check

Stay compliant with direct integration to the ATF eZ Check data base. Every FFL number is automatically synced.


Easy Trace Reporting & Inspection Support

Need a quick ATF trace report? Enter one or more serial numbers for instant trace and inspection reporting.

Inventory Control

Maintain control and status of inventory by GCA / NFA type, New/Used Status and ATF 2010-1 Temporary Assignments.

Role Based Users & Audit Trail

Security is critical for your FFL. Assign access by role ad track activity by user.

Backed by FFL Law

Orchid eBound™ and e4473 is supported by the firearm attorneys at our partner firm, FFL Law.


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“We're thrilled to work with Orchid here at Primary Arms. Orchid eBound™ not only makes FFL and NFA paperwork a walk in the park but also ensures compliance with the latest ATF rulings."

Joyce Banda, VP of Compliance, Primary Arms

Sample Product Videos

View step-by-step videos to guide your FFL through every aspect of Orchid eBound™

Complying with ATF 2016 Rulings

Learn about the 2016 ATF rulings and how our cloud-based solution meets the requirements.

Performing Efficient & Accurate Transactions

Orchid eBound™ has hundreds of data validation checkpoints and easy entry forms. Minimize your data entry errors and process transactions faster.

Managing Bulk Data

Even small FFLs can process large amounts of data quickly and easily. We have three different methods for larger data sets. See how each one can be used to help you process data faster and with greater accuracy.

Firearm Industry ERP Integrations

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See a full list of all Orchid integrations



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