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The most comprehensive third party FFL auditing service

Say goodbye to ATF inspection violations

Our team of expert ATF auditors continuously monitors your most inspected documents to keep you free of ATF inspection violations and process issues.

Customers: Retail – Distribution – Manufacturing

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Mossberg Corp
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Meet Your FFL Program Leader

Attorney Milks has worked with thousands of retail and manufacturing FFLs helping them prepare for and respond to ATF inspections. He plays a key role in helping clients prepare for ATF inspections and defending their FFL against ATF Revocations. He is a subject matter expert in firearm classifications, GCA / NFA regulations, state firearm laws and all matters related to firearm compliance.

Phil Milks

Attorney Philip Milks

Vice President of Regulatory Services

Formerly Remington Outdoor Company LLC, National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF)

Featured Inspection Support Services

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Onsite Mock ATF Inspection

Over the last 10 years, we’ve retained former ATF IOIs, attorneys and former compliance professionals to design the most thorough 3rd party ATF inspection plan available. Combined with our detail process and systems walkthrough, our experts will uncover your most concerning issues.

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Remote Digital ATF Monitoring

Always on, always checking. Our FFL experts have designed scripts to test nearly every aspect of your electronic records. Using API technology, file drops or direct access to your Bound Book / digital 4473, we can deploy software and remote labor to monitor compliance through the year.

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Firearm Marking / Manufacturing

Assess ATF compliance from product design, subcontracting and marking through production

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Bound Book Accuracy

Check transactions and firearm attribute for compliance with ATF standards
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FFL Transfers

Identify incorrect vendor and customer FFLs, outdated FFLs and Incorrect addresses
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ATF Forms Test

Validate 4473, multiple sales forms, ATF import form 6 / 6a and NFA forms for compliance

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Legal Structure & RPs

Examine legal entity structure, compliance department and established responsible persons
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NFA Reconciliation

Cross-check bound book and ATF NFRTR items for accuracy
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Serialized Inventory Audit

100% or sample based audits using Orchid proprietary serial number inventory tool
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Legal Protection

Obtain FFL legal protection from the expert attorneys at Orchid Law

Learn How FFLs Benefit From ATF Inspection Services

Be Prepared For ATF

By simulating an inspection, Orchid can help you identify areas where you need to improve your compliance practices and address any potential issues before an actual inspection occurs


Identify potential compliance issues during a mock inspection, address them and improve compliance practices


Train your employees to help improve their knowledge of ATF regulations and best practices for compliance so that they know how to respond to an actual inspection

Peace of Mind

Building confidence in your compliance practices and being better prepared for an actual inspection can help reduce the stress and anxiety associated with an ATF inspection


Improve your business’s reputation and build trust with your customers and stakeholders by demonstrating you take compliance seriously and have a robust compliance practices in place

Cost Savings

An inexpensive service compared to the cost of violating penalties or the loss of your FFL license and business

Be prepared for ATF inspections

Being prepared for an actual ATF inspection can help you maintain compliance, save time and money.


Identify potential compliance issues and take steps to address them before the ATF arrives.


Minimize the time needed for the inspection, and reduce the disruption to your business operations


Avoid penalties and fines that could result from non-compliance

ATF Compliance
FFL Mock Inspection - Staff Training

Expand your staffs knowledge

Mock inspections can help employees


Familiarize employees with the inspection process and what to expect during an actual ATF inspection


Identify knowledge gaps or areas where staff need additional training to ensure that they are well-prepared to answer any questions that the ATF inspector may ask


Reinforce the importance of compliance practices and help your employees understand the consequences of non-compliance

Improve operational efficiency

Identify inefficiencies in your FFL business’s operations, address these inefficiencies and improve operations to increase profitability.


Reveal areas where your business is not operating efficiently, such as delays in processing paperwork or inefficiencies in inventory management


Determine where you can streamline processes such as implementing new procedures or technologies to automate tasks


More efficiently use resources and time to increase productivity and profitabliity

FFL Mock inspection streamline

"Orchid Advisors’ Mock Inspection Service provided far more insight into our business than we anticipated. Orchid goes beyond other firms who review your A&D Book, Forms 4473, and maybe other ATF paperwork; and who then recite regulations back to you verbatim. Orchid looks at your business as a whole and how all the countless moving parts of your business operate in order to identify any issues needing correction before ATF arrives, and provides actionable intelligence to run your operations in a compliant manner."

— Dan Spencer, General Counsel, CZ-USA

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Remote Digital Audit Integrations

Our auditing tools can access your ATF data from just about any system, but Orchid and 4473Cloud clients enjoy direct plug and play capabilities

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