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Learn how retail FFLs are growing their omni-channel business and shooting range with the leading Point-of-Sale, online web store, gun friendly payment processing and professional FFL services from Orchid.

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Orchid’s Retail FFL Practice Lead


Aimee Schoonover

Business Development Executive

Formerly – Gearfire, National Firearms Dealer Network

Expertise –Aimee is a seasoned professional with extensive experience in the firearms industry, spanning over 10 years. Her impressive track record and dedication have solidified her reputation for excellence in this dynamic field.

You deserve a POS built specifically for retail FFLs and trusted by NSSF 5-star ranges

Orchid POS™ is the leading solution for retail FFLs seeking to automate their firearm business and shooting range both in-store and online. Easily manage your single or multi-store business while attracting more customers and simplifying ATF compliance.


Seamlessly integrate with your online store to sell in store inventory online


Access live distributor feeds, manage inventory and drop ship orders


Automate gunsmithing, trade-ins, consignment and customer email marketing

Online Gun Store

Build an online web store and master firearm eCommerce with ease

Market and sell firearm inventory online with Orchid eCommerce™. Create a high-end website that looks the way you want with guided support and no third party ads.


Simple yet customizable web store with live in-store POS inventory sync


Free of 3rd party ads, shopper wishlists, shipping integration and customer order tracking


Live distributor inventory and drop Ship (with upgrade)

Our retail FFLs process over 35,000 4473s monthly

Orchid eBound is the most widely retail A&D Bound Book and 4473 solution for retail FFLs. Designed and managed by the leading compliance firm to pass ATF inspections with confidence.


Attorney defense 100% guaranteed against ATF


Unlimited FFLs, Bound Books and 4473s


Integrated eNICS, kiosk mode and digital storage

eBound Laptop

Master Operations with Expert Retail FFL Services

Legal Counsel & Defense

Our sister firm FFL Law helps retail and range operators understand laws related to GCA / NFA firearm transfers. We’re experts in 4473 forms, NFA forms, FBI NICS background checks and state laws.

ATF Compliance

ATF Compliance & Inspections

Offering the most comprehensive ATF compliance support including independent FFL audits, serial number inventory reconciliations, ATF inspections, and revocation support to protect your FFL.

Orchid Consulting<br />

Retail FFL Business Consulting

Providing a variety of custom solutions for retail FFLs that range from website marketing strategy, SEO optimization and inventory management services. 

FFL University & Events

Orchid is the leading resource for on-demand FFL education. We have delivered over 3,000 modules and educated 1,000 FFLs. Browse our course catalog and check out our upcoming events.

Integrations & Questions

See all of our third party integrations and contact us with any questions you have about compliance services or software.