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EAR Firearms and Ammunition U.S. Export Controls Changing: Notice of Pending Change Action and Measures for Firearms and Ammunition Exporters

Written by Orchid


April 26, 2024



Today, the Bureau of Industry & Security announced that it will issue an interim final rule updating the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) firearms and ammunition U.S. export controls on Tuesday, April 30th that will go into effect May 30, 2024.

 Further details will become available Tuesday.  At minimum, the anticipated updates are expected to enhance restrictions with a policy of denial on firearms and ammunition exports for commercial resale within additional destination countries, specifically related to 36 countries, that include the Bahamas, Guatemala, Nigeria, and Pakistan.  Additional changes are anticipated to affect new EAR US export licensing and existing, currently active, BIS approved firearms and ammunition licenses.

 With the new changes to the Export Administration Regulations effective May 30, 2024, it’s prudent for businesses with currently available firearms and ammunition BIS export licenses, which include firearms or ammunition items on them and identified for commercial resale within destination countries that are not Wassenaar participating countries, to proactively maximize their export shipments in the next 30 days. This strategic action is an anticipatory  measure regarding an expected BIS action to revoke existing licenses that do not align with the regulations’ changes.

 Orchid is monitoring these developments and will be providing additional related event notifications, impact assessments, and way forward recommendations to these U.S. export control changes over the coming weeks. If you have immediate concerns or assistance needs, contact Orchid’s Export Support Services team.

Jason - FFL Export Specialist

Jason Knowles

Director of Export Services
Former U.S. State Department (DDTC)

Expertise – $42 billion of Export Licenses, ITAR, EAR, OFAC, U.S. Customs and Border Protection