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Safely navigate explosive and ammunition industry regulations

Tap our 30+ years of experience working with Federal Explosive Licensees (FEL) and permittees. We’ll guide you through complex licensing, magazine storage requirements, recording keeping and ATF explosive inspections. 

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Orchid’s Explosives & Ammunition Practice Lead

Andy Graham

Andy Graham

Chief, Firearms and Explosives Officer

Formerly – Enforcement Programs and Services (EPS), ATF Deputy Assistant Director (DAD), ATF Industry Operations, DIO and Area Supervisor of Four Field Divisions, Training and Program Manager – ATF National Academy (FLETC)

Expertise – GCA, NFA and AECA Regulations, State Firearm Laws, ATF Ruling Making, ATF Inspections and Revocations, Explosive Regulations, and Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) Firearm and Ammunition Excise Tax (“FAET”)

Get educated and obtain FEL licenses and permits

Our subject matter experts can help you enter the explosive and ammunition industry with baseline education to understand federal and state laws. Armed with a solid understanding of the regulations, we’ll get you properly licensed or file for permits to support your compliant growth.

On-person or remote education on Commerce in Explosives - Title 27 CFR Chapter II, Part 555


Coordinate activities with the Federal Explosives Licensing Center (FELC) to obtain FEL and explosive permits to receive or transport explosives and explosive elements of ammunition


Obtain Federal Explosive License (FEL) to engage in the business of importing, manufacturing and/or distributing explosives materials and explosive elements of ammunition

FAET License Sample
FEL Book Create Explosives

Properly classify and store explosive materials and avoid prohibited possession or distribution

Operationalizing your ammunition or explosive business within the confines of the law requires a solid understanding of ATF principles. We’ll help you properly classify materials and determine how they should be stored and managed according to product weight, classification and magazine type.

Understand and classify high explosives, low explosives and blasting agents


Understand magazine types, permissible storage by explosive classification and storage IAW the ATF Table of Distances


Understand persons subject to the prohibited shipment, transportation, receipt, possession, or distribution

Pass ATF explosive inspections with best-in-class FEL record keeping applications

Maintaining a compliant operation begins with proper FEL Record Keeping. Whether you operate your own paper or electronic application or use the Orchid FEL Book, we can help organize your Acquisitions and Dispositions, optimize record keeping and safely navigate your next ATF inspection.

Purchase, implement or structure electronic record keeping software in accordance with Subpart G 555.121


Properly document explosive Acquisitions, Dispositions, Date Shift Codes, Manufacturer Marks of Identification, Carriers, Transferee Authorized Possessors, Daily Summary of Magazine Transactions and Shortage / Overages


Prepare for and respond to ATF inspections for Federal Explosive Licensees (FEL) in the ammunition and explosives industry

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