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Avoid headaches, have Orchid implement your firearms ERP and laser marking

Leverage our years of firearm ERP and laser marking knowledge. From data migration to functional design to API integrations, Orchid is here to help.

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ERP Implementation and Integration for Firearm Business
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What We Do

We’ve worked with countless firearm manufacturers and will leverage our experience to your advantage. We offer full factory functional ERP blue printing and expert data management. We are chosen by manufacturing FFLs.

ERP Integration and Functional Design

An on-site or off-site workshop to accelerate your firearm ERP design and software selection.

We’ll deploy a cross functional team of experts in Firearm Engineering, Sales & Operations Planning, Serialized Inventory Management, Manufacturing Operations, Finance / Accounting and FFL Compliance to save you time and money.

Need to integrate your ERP and Laser? We do that too!

Expert Data Migration and Testing

We’re experts in master data management and ATF regulated data conversion.

We deploy a team to structure and cleanse your most critical data assets including the design of your Bill of Materials, Routings, Item Master, Customer Master and Vendor Master to ensure your customer-facing inventory and ATF eBound Book data is accurate.

Need data migration? We do that too!

We’ll help you select, integrate and implement the perfect ERP for your firearms business

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Turnkey and customized ERP functionality specific to firearm manufacturing

Improve inventory management accuracy and efficiency

Track details such as serial numbers, expiration dates, and locations.

Enhance traceability and compliance

Maintain compliance by tracking and documenting relevant information, such as sales and transfers

Streamline production and supply chain processes

Reduce bottlenecks and improve the overall efficiency of the production process by tracking and coordinating the flow of materials, components, and finished products.

Analyze data to drive business decision

Provide managers and decision-makers with real-time data and insights into the state of the business, including sales, inventory, and production

Better customer service and relationship management

Track and document customer interactions, orders, and feedback

Reduce costs and improve bottom line

Streamline and automate operations to improve accuracy, compliance, and efficiency

How does the process work?

Schedule a call with orchid today to discuss your business needs and specifications. We can assist with choosing the right ERP and laser marking systems, data migration, implementation testing and much more.

Improve inventory management accuracy and efficiency

Track inventory more accurately, including details such as serial numbers, expiration dates, and locations.


Automate and streamline laser marking processes, and ensure that the correct information is accurately marked on each firearm and in your bound book.


Ensure you have the right products in stock to meet customer demand, and avoid shortages or excess inventory


Reduce the risk of error, theft or damaged product

Enhance Compliance

Enhance traceability and compliance

The firearms industry is heavily regulated, and a firearm ERP system can help businesses to maintain compliance with these regulations by tracking and documenting relevant information, such as sales and transfers. This can help to reduce the risk of legal problems and ensure that the business is operating in a responsible and compliant manner.


Integrate ERP directly with your bound book, digital storage and FFL eZ Check


Automatically log all firearms that are received, sold or transferred


Generate reports and other documentation as required by the ATF

Streamline production and supply chain processes

Firearm ERP systems can help businesses to optimize their production and supply chain processes, and reduce the risk of delays or disruptions.


Plan and manage the production process more efficiently, by coordinating inventory levels, the flow of materials, components, and finished products


Track the progress of production and identify potential bottlenecks or delays


Coordinate the distribution of finished products to customers or other locations

Get all of your FFL solutions from one vendor

Orchid is the only one-stop-shop for FFLs that provides all of the essential software and services. No need to contract multiple FFL vendors. That means one phone number, one support portal, one seamless experience.

Learn more and schedule a demo

Contact us with any questions or if you would like to schedule a product demo.