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Accelerate Your Firearm Manufacturing Operations

Leverage our Firearm ERP Knowledge and Avoid the Headaches

We’ve worked with countless firearm manufacturers and will leverage our experience to your advantage. We offer full factory functional ERP blue printing and expert data management. We are chosen by manufacturing FFLs.

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Big 5 Sporting Goods
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ERP Selection & Functional Design

An on-site or off-site workshop to accelerate your firearm ERP design and software selection.

We’ll deploy a cross functional team of experts in Firearm Engineering, Sales & Operations Planning, Serialized Inventory Management, Manufacturing Operations, Finance / Accounting and FFL Compliance to save you time and money.

Need to integrate your ERP and Laser? We do that too!

Expert Data Migration & Testing

We’re experts in master data management and ATF regulated data conversion.

We deploy a team to structure and cleanse your most critical data assets including the design of your Bill of Materials, Routings, Item Master, Customer Master and Vendor Master to ensure your customer-facing inventory and ATF eBound Book data is accurate.

Need data migration? We do that too!


Orchid’s Firearm ERP Integration Experience

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Say Goodbye to Production Constraints

Streamline processes and align resources throughout the entire firearm materials management and manufacturing process


Turnkey and customized ERP functionality specific to firearm manufacturing


Grossly simplify your firearm manufacturing operations and production reporting


Deploy a new sales and operations planning process and meet customer demand


Get accurate and timely financial reports for making the most important business decisions


Take control of serialized inventory from frame / receiver manufacturing through finished goods


Seamlessly integrate ATF compliance from engineering through a plug-and-play eBound Book

"Most ERP systems advertise their “serialization” capabilities, which in fact, has only a small part to do with your firearm industry business requirements. These serialization capabilities permit the assignment of a firearm/component serial number to an item in inventory."

— Jeff Buchanan, Former EVP & CFO, Smith & Wesson Holding Corporation

Say Goodbye to Paper Serial Tracking

Reserving serial numbers used in the manufacturing or subcontract process is the first step in firearm production, which might make it the most important.

  • Integrate your serialization system(s)
  • Reserve serial numbers by multiple attributes
  • Track third-party reservations
  • Control subcontractor variances and markings

Say Goodbye to Rollmarking

Connect your ERP, laser making device and serialized inventory control with a plug-and-play Orchid API.

  • Integrate your ERP with a Rofin, Trumpf, Jimani or other brand laser
  • Apply 1D and 2D barcodes to reduce hours of keystrokes
  • Pass completed, marked firearms directly through to your eBound Book without any key strokes
  • Eliminate ghost serial numbers and duplicate markings overnight

Say Goodbye to Chasing Firearm Inventory

The core of a manufactured firearm is the frame or receiver, and by regulation, it must be marked with a serial number.

  • Tie firearm serial numbers directly to production orders
  • Track guns from operation to operation and limit access to sensitive NFA stock
  • Time and monitor movements between operations to identify problems in advance

Say Goodbye to Weak Transaction Controls

“Garbage in, garbage out” applies to the quality of your inventory transaction controls. Permitting mass entry of unvalidated and uncontrolled data is a recipe for risk and increased expense.

  • Deploy Advanced Ship Notices (ASN) to set the stage for what is expected
  • Implement barcode scanning and dual entry to force quality inputs
  • Limit user access to firearm inventory adjustments and IT overrides

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