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Orchid’s Distribution Practice Lead

Leland Nichols

Leland Nichols

Chief Strategy and Business Development Officer

Formerly – Smith & Wesson, Remington Arms Company, Shadow Systems, USA Shooting, Rinnai, Airhead Sports Group, Aqua-Leisure Recreation, LLC, Black & Decker, The Stanley Works, Kohler

Expertise –Leland served in the residential and commercial construction products market from 1984 through 2004 in executive roles including Vice President, Product Management, Professional Power Tools for Black & Decker where he led the launch of the DeWalt portable power tool brand in North America, Asia, the Middle East and Africa. His experience also includes roles as President, Stanley Hardware, Executive Vice President, Kohler Company and Vice President, Sales & Business Development with Rinnai America.

B2B Laptop and Mobile

Streamline sales and sell products online

Allow business customers to buy products at their contracted rate through a customized supplier portal. Create logins for specified customers, list products and set rates all from an intuitive and easy-to-use CMS.


Customized website and supplier portal


Create a custom shopping experience for your customers


Easily manage clients and staff

State Firearm Restrictions API Integration

Available Plans: Enterprise Suite

Orchid eState™ provides real-time response as to whether a firearm is prohibited in a particular jurisdiction for consumer purchase. Seamlessly integrate our firearm attributes with your FFL software and Orchid eState™ API will do the rest.


Integrate With eCommerce Checkout


100,000+ Transactions Per Year


Visual FFL and SOT ‘on-File’ Indicators

State API
eBound Laptop

Reliable and compliant bound book software

Orchid eBound™ is the most widely adopted bound book in the firearms industry. Designed and managed by the leading compliance firm to reduce firearm compliance costs and pass ATF inspections with confidence.


Attorney Defense 100% Guaranteed Against ATF


Unlimited Users, A&D Books & Transactions


#1 in Live Support – Cancel Anytime

Firearms ERP Implement & Integrations

Available Plans: Enterprise

API Integration to Epicore, NetSuite, Fishbowl, SAP, Odoo and other ERP’s to Orchid eBound™ & Orchid eDocs™. This integration also allows for full control over transactions with FFL / SOT Data.


Enhanced Dual Entry


Integrate ATF EZ Check to Master FIles


Feed FFLs by Zip Code to Your eComm


2A Payment Processing & Hardware

Don’t get cut off by Square, PayPal or other non-firearm-friendly banks. Orchid Pay™ has you covered with some of the lowest rates available in the firearms industry and unrestricted processing for FFLs.

FFL Distributor Services

Legal counsel, protection programs, ATF licensing, compliance & inspection services, business consulting and import/export services.

Legal Counsel & Defense

FFL Law helps retail and range operators understand laws related to GCA / NFA firearm transfers. We’re experts in 4473 forms, NFA forms, FBI NICS background checks and state laws.

ATF Compliance

ATF Compliance & FFL Licensing

Offering the most comprehensive third party FFL mock inspections, on-call help desk, FFL & SOT licensing and protection plans.
Orchid Consulting<br />

Business Consulting

Orchid offers a variety of custom solutions for FFLs that range from marketing strategy to ERP implementation, inventory control and operations.
Firearm Import

Firearm Import

Orchid can simplify the import process for your business by providing expert guidance, handling critical documentation, and preventing non-compliance which can lead to serious legal fees.

export import

Firearm Export

Orchid’s global firearms trade experts are adept at navigating new business setup, export licensing and managing sensitive disclosures.

FFL University & Events

Orchid is the leading resource for on-demand FFL education. We have delivered over 3,000 modules and educated 1,000 FFLs. Browse our course catalog and check out our upcoming events.

Integrations & Questions

See all of our third-party integrations and contact us with any questions you have about compliance services or software.