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Orchid Launches Native 4473 eStorage: Streamlined ATF Form 4473 Electronic Storage Solution

Written by Orchid


April 29, 2024



Hartford, CT – Orchid, the trusted provider of firearms compliance solutions, is proud to introduce Orchid 4473 eStorage, the latest addition to its suite of fully integrated, cutting-edge products. Orchid 4473 eStorage modernizes ATF Form 4473 electronic storage, offering FFLs a seamless and compliant solution within Orchid eBound.

Orchid 4473 eStorage is a fully compliant solution for the Electronic Storage of ATF Form 4473. Natively built within Orchid eBound, this feature allows customers to retain 4473s and Multiple Sales Forms in a digital format, eliminating the need for paper copies. Adding to its existing 4473Cloud integration, customers will now have the option to choose between the two best in class electronic 4473 storage solutions.

Key Features of Orchid 4473 eStorage include:

1. Native Functionality: Removes the necessity for third-party storage integrations, simplifying the compliance process and reducing costs.

2. Enhanced Compliance: ATF Read-Only Inspection Mode, 30-day aged 4473 alerts, electronic corrections, and automated 3310 emailing system.

3. Cost-Efficiency: Eliminates the need for printing and retaining paper forms, saving costs significantly.

4. Advanced Monitoring: Utilizes Orchid’s Rapid Review technology to monitor 4473 activity, ensuring compliance with ease. Enables frequent reporting to identify missing information in 4473 forms and eBound.

5. Expert Management: Built and managed by Orchid, industry leaders in compliance and software solutions. Orchid is your single brand source for FFL compliance products and services.

Eric Wille, VP of Sales and Marketing at Orchid, expressed excitement about Orchid 4473 eStorage, stating, “Orchid is dedicated to providing FFLs with innovative and integrated solutions to streamline compliance efforts. Orchid 4473 eStorage not only simplifies ATF Form 4473 electronic storage but also enhances efficiency and reduces compliance concerns.”

To learn more about Orchid 4473 eStorage and how it can transform compliance efforts for your FFL, visit the Orchid website at http://orchidadvisors.com/orchid-4473-estorage. Pricing starts at just $5 per month with an Orchid eBound subscription. Orchid will continue to promote and support the integration with our industry partner, 4473Cloud.

About Orchid:

Orchid is a trusted industry leader in providing firearms compliance solutions. Through innovative technology and expert insights, Orchid empowers Federal Firearms Licensees (FFLs) to streamline their operations and maintain strict compliance with ATF regulations. Orchid is dedicated to enhancing the safety, accountability, and integrity of the firearms industry.

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Ricky Zyvoloski
Marketing Manager

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