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Calculate and report Firearms and Ammunition Excise Tax (FAET)

Orchid provides expert guidance in the determination and calculation of FAET tax liability by business, product type, and components of sale. We can help identify your responsibilities, plan for and determine your liability, submit annual filings, identify adjustments, recover excess payments and navigate a Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) audit.

Customers: Manufactures – Importers – Gunsmiths – Ammunition Reloaders

Orchid’s Firearms & Ammunition Excise Tax Practice Lead

Andy Graham

Andy Graham

Chief, Firearms and Explosives Officer

Formerly – Enforcement Programs and Services (EPS), ATF Deputy Assistant Director (DAD), ATF Industry Operations, DIO and Area Supervisor of Four Field Divisions, Training and Program Manager – ATF National Academy (FLETC)

Expertise – GCA, NFA and AECA Regulations, State Firearm Laws, ATF Ruling Making, ATF Inspections and Revocations, Explosive Regulations, and Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) Firearm and Ammunition Excise Tax (“FAET”)

Benefits of working with Orchid’s TTB & FAET experts

Understand FAET Laws

Get educated on FAET tax laws, registration, and responsibilities

Simplify Accounting

Understand taxable and non-taxable firearm components and accessories

Avoid Overpayment

Properly calculate FAET liability, adjustments, and exemptions

File with Confidence

Complete quarterly FAET forms timely and accurately

Navigate TTB Audits

Properly document, support or defend auditable positions

Reclaim Funds

Uncover previously overpaid taxes and file a claim

Clearly understand your FAET obligations

Regardless of FFL type or size we can properly arm you and your executive team with the knowledge to succeed. With over 30 years of IRS / TTB and FAET expertise in the firearms industry, we can deliver on-site or remote education succinctly and with great confidence.


Onsite and remote training to understand Firearm & Ammunition Excise Tax laws


Examine your product and transactions to determine responsibility.


Register with TTB, identify tax free transactions and exemptions


Avoid overpayments, fines and file FAET with confidence

Understanding applicability by business is only 10% of the battle. Calculating FAET liability down to the product, component and accessory level and understanding when FAET tax liability attaches to your business is the tricky part. Orchid’s experts will help you understand exactly what is taxable and how and when your forms are to be filed.


Determine taxable products, components, and accessories


Understand when FAET tax applies to your manufacturing, import, gunsmith, retail or ammo reloading business


Calculate your liability and properly file FAET forms on-time and accurately

Navigate TTB audits, file corrections and recover funds

No one enjoys an audit, especially an Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) tax audit. The presence of the TTB rifling through your records is a high anxiety event. Our firearms and ammunition excise tax experts will help you properly document your records, prepare for an audit and recover prior lost funds.


Prepare for an upcoming TTB audit with proper documentation and internal controls


Respond to a TTB audit and manage in-audit activities


Defend against tax penalties and reclaim prior overpayments of FAET

FAET Understanding

Get all of your FFL solutions from one vendor

Orchid is the only one-stop-shop for FFLs that provides all of the essential software and services. No need to contract multiple FFL vendors. That means one phone number, one support portal, one seamless experience.