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State Firearm Restrictions Compliance Made Easy

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Instantly ensure compliance when selling firearms online. Orchid eState™ provides an advanced solution that conducts immediate verifications against ZIP codes, product data, and UPCs to determine the legality of transactions across state lines. Sell online with confidence, avoid unlawful transactions, and smoothly manage the complexities of interstate firearm shipping.

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Orchid eState - State Firearm Laws

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Two Orchid eState™ Software Options

State Firearm Restrictions Application

Designed for FFLs who need to identify state-level firearm restrictions by ZIP code and firearm attribute.

API-Driven State Firearm Restrictions

Designed for those FFLs who want direct integration between our firearm attribute and UPC driven restrictions database.

Orchid eState™ is Your State Firearm Restrictions Solution

Get real-time response

Look up or research state and local-level firearm prohibitions or restrictions by customer ZIP code, product characteristics, and item UPC

Ecommerce compliance

Ensure all online sales comply with state regulation and ship firearms across state lines with confidence

Stay up to date

Get alerts, weekly reports and access to  the eState dashboard so you can easily monitor recent legislative activity and changes in bills

Submit UPC for classification

Submit individual or UPCs in bulk and we’ll classify them for you within 48 hours

UPC mobile scan

Scan UPCs from your phone to determine firearm restrictions based on your location

Peace of mind

Easily abide by state restrictions and prevent illegal shipments and sales

Integrates with your website

Orchid eState™ feeds state-level restriction data right into your website, by ZIP code, characteristic and UPC.


Firearm compliance checks built-in to your website


Prompts for consumers to enter their zip code for compliance check


Can prompt compliance check when users add an item to cart and/or during the checkout process

Get real-time response

Orchid eState™ provides a real-time response as to whether a firearm is prohibited in a particular jurisdiction for consumer purchase/possession.


Search by city, state and firearm type


Search by action, caliber / gauge, cartridge, barrel length, overall length, magazine, magazine capacity, platform, and more


Search by features such as pistol grip, muzzle compensator, flash suppressor, arm brace, telescoping stock, and much more

Bill tracker and law library

Staying informed about the most recent firearm restrictions in your state and nationwide is a breeze! Simply filter through this session’s bills and keep tabs on bills in progress to ensure you’re always in the know.


Roster and law library categorizing over 1100 laws, with filtering options.


Bill tracker to monitor and filter bills based on date, state, and progress.


Notifications and customizable settings for receiving weekly updates on selected bills and legislative changes.

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