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Don’t spend thousands of dollars researching state firearm laws in a clunky old database. Orchid eState™ was designed by attorneys for FFLs who need answers at the touch of a button. The Orchid eState™ product family includes two software options for conducting manual or real-time, API integrated searches.

Select Location, Firearm Type and Attributes — Orchid eState™ will do the rest.

Orchid eState™ is Your State Firearm Law Solution

Are You A Manufacturer, Distributor, Retailer or Collector?

Orchid eState™ is designed for FFLs who engage in the design, manufacturing, sale, purchase or collection of firearms

Do You Maintain a Firearm eCommerce Website?

Orchid eState™ feeds state-level restriction data right into your website, by ZIP code, characteristic and UPC

Do You Ship Firearms Across State Lines?

Orchid eState™ is handy for FFLs who ship firearms across state lines with or without customer interaction

State Firearm Legal Databases Are Old School

Orchid eState™ provides a real-time response as to whether a firearm is prohibited in a particular jurisdiction for consumer purchase/possession.

State Firearm Legal Restrictions Application

Designed for FFLs who need to identify state-level firearm restrictions by ZIP code and firearm attribute.

API-Driven State Firearm Restrictions

Designed for those FFLs who want direct integration between our firearm attribute and UPC driven restrictions database.

Orchid eStateTM Features

FFL violations and inefficiencies are avoidable with these key features

State Statutes & Regulations

Manual firearm attribute-based research, including links to state statutes and regulations to conduct your own follow-up research

Automate Your Research

API tool to connect to your POS, ERP, WMS or eCommerce engine to automate your research


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