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Streamline your firearms and ammunition import business

Orchid can simplify the import process for your business by providing expert guidance, handling critical documentation, and preventing non-compliance which can lead to serious legal fees. Schedule a consultation today so you can save time and money while expanding your business operations.

Customers: Retail – Distribution – Manufacturing – Importer

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Orchid’s Import Practice Lead

Phil Milks

Attorney Philip Milks

Vice President of Regulatory Services

Formerly Remington Outdoor Company LLC, National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF)

Expertise –Attorney Milks plays a key role in helping clients prepare for ATF inspections and defending their FFL against ATF Revocations. He is a subject matter expert in firearm classifications, GCA / NFA regulations, state firearm laws and all matters related to firearm compliance.

Benefits of using Orchid Import services

Get your import license and registration

Complete the application and any required supporting documentation

Aquire necessary permits

Facilitate communication and coordination with the ATF

Expert guidance and support

Avoid common mistakes and operate safely and responsibly

Comply with all federal import laws and regulations

Maintain appropriate records and operate in a compliant fashion

Access a wider range of products

Offer a greater variety of products to customers and increase sales

Cost savings

An inexpensive service compared to the cost of violating penalties and hiring internal staff

Streamline the import process

We can handle all required paperwork and documentation, and ensure that all import regulations are followed for importing firearms and ammunition into the United States.

Complete and submit import license and registration


Maintain compliance with all import federal laws and regulations


Coordinate with government agencies and other parties involved in the import process.

Streamline Import Process
Import Permit Paperwork

Acquire permits for goods that are subject to certain regulations

Orchid ensures that all necessary steps are taken and that the FFL import permit application is completed accurately and promptly.


Determine the requirements for importing the specific items you want to bring into the United States.


Gather all of the necessary documentation, including any permits or licenses that may be required for the items you want to import.


Submit your application for an import permit to the ATF, along with all of the necessary documentation.

Expert guidance and support

Orchid will be with you every step of the way during the import process to help avoid mistakes, train employees and answer any questions.


Avoid common mistakes that could lead to serious violations


Undergo training to gain a better understanding of the process, and conduct safe and responsible operations


Get immediate response to questions about the import process

Expert Import Guidance – lawyer

Cost savings

Orchid’s expertise in FFL importing is more cost-effective than incurring potential penalties for failing to comply with import regulations and hiring in-house staff to handle the process. As a result of our service, your business will be able to increase sales by expanding your product range by importing from other countries, where they may be more cost-effective than domestically produced products.


Mitigate significant risks and protect your business from costly legal fees that could result from non-compliance


Only pay for the hours you need – no need to hire additional full-time staff members


Successfully import firearms, ammunition, and related items to expand your product range and boost sales

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