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Get real-time response to your pressing firearm laws, regulations and compliance issues

You have questions, we have answers

Our team of experts awaits your call for topical matters such as GCA / NFA laws, NFA firearm classifications and ATF variances and forms. Even give us a call during an inspection if you need an immediate response. Either way, we’re on-call and here to help.

Customers: Retail – Distribution – Manufacturing

Anderson Manufacturing
Smith & Wesson
Henry Repeating Rifles
Mossberg Corp
Vista Outdoor

Meet Your FFL Program Leader

Attorney Milks has worked with thousands of retail and manufacturing FFLs helping them prepare for and respond to ATF inspections. He plays a key role in helping clients prepare for ATF inspections and defending their FFL against ATF Revocations. He is a subject matter expert in firearm classifications, GCA / NFA regulations, state firearm laws and all matters related to firearm compliance.

Phil Milks

Attorney Philip Milks

Vice President of Regulatory Services

Formerly Remington Outdoor Company LLC, National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF)

We are FFL experts ready to answer your questions

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Firearm Classifications

Get expert insight or submit classification requests to ATF

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ATF Inspections / Response Team

Expert delivery of an ATF-style audit designed by former ATF IOIs or on-call / on-site support for an actual FFL inspection

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Firearm Imports

Import firearms and firearm parts on ATF form 6 / 6a with help from our ATF import experts

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ATF Compliance Program / SOPs

Create a repeatable program based on sound legal and regulatory SOPs

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Bound Book Accuracy

Check transactions and firearm attribute for compliance with ATF standards
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Firearm Laws Help Desk

Quick question and answer for Orchid FFL Protection PlanTM customers or pay by the hour as needed
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ATF Forms & eForms

Guided support as you complete any ATF paper or electronic forms
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NFA Firearm Assistance

Establish a trust or make, buy and sell NFA devices with confidence
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Looking for Export Assistance?

Learn more about our export licensing, DDTC registration and export auditing services

Discover the benefits of Orchid regulatory services

Expert advice and guidance

Access to experienced experts who can offer guidance and advice on compliance-related issues

Risk reduction

Orchid provides access to tools, resources, and expertise that can save time and effort to streamline compliance

Improved Efficiency

Streamline compliance efforts by providing access to tools, resources, and expertise that can save time and effort

Faxon Firearm

"The team at Orchid has been an invaluable resource for our company for several years. Their team assists us in putting ATF regulations into practice throughout our operations and is always available to answer regulatory questions we have. We highly recommend Orchid to any firearms company seeking expert advice on how to comply with the shifting federal and state regulatory landscape."

— Joey O’Gara, COO, Faxon Firearms

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