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Orchid’s Import and Export Service Leads

Phil Milks

Attorney Philip Milks

Senior Vice President of Regulatory Services

Formerly – Remington Outdoor Company LLC, National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF)

Expertise – Attorney Milks helps clients prepare for ATF inspections and defends against ATF Revocations. He is a subject matter expert in firearm classifications, GCA / NFA regulations, state firearm laws and all matters related to firearm compliance.

Jason Knowles

Jason Knowles

Director of Export Services

Formerly – U.S. State Department (DDTC)

Expertise – With over $42 billion of Export Licenses, Jason’s experiences and expertise include the ITAR, EAR, OFAC and export related elements of U.S. Customs and Border Protection processes.

U.S. Export Control and Compliance Support

Looking to export firearm inventory outside of the US? Our FFL export specialists can assist in reducing the risks associated with exporting firearms by implementing streamlined, compliant processes.

Create efficiencies in the export process


Avoid severe penalties and jail time by complying with export regulations


Diversify your market and increase demand

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Firearm Import

Firearm Import Service

Orchid’s import service provides compliance with federal laws and regulations, as well as a streamlined process and expert guidance for those importing firearms and other regulated items into the United States. It can also save time and resources, helping to ensure a smooth and successful importation.

Complete and submit import license and registration


Avoid common mistakes that could lead to serious violations


Only pay for the hours you need – no need to hire additional staff members

Legal Counsel & Defense

FFL Law helps retail and range operators understand laws related to GCA / NFA firearm transfers. We’re experts in 4473 forms, NFA forms, FBI NICS background checks and state laws.

On-demand legal and compliance advice


FFL Law operates exclusively in the firearm industry


Protect your FFL business

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2A Payment Processing & Hardware

Don’t get cut off by Square, PayPal or other non-firearm-friendly banks. Orchid Pay has you covered with some of the lowest rates available in the firearms industry and unrestricted processing for FFLs.

Bound Book

Orchid eBound is the most widely adopted bound book in the firearms industry. Designed and managed by the leading compliance firm to reduce firearm compliance costs and pass ATF inspections with confidence.


Attorney Defense 100% Guaranteed Against ATF


Unlimited Users, A&D Books & Transactions


#1 in Live Support – Cancel Anytime

eBound Laptop
ERP Integrations

Firearms ERP Implement & Integrations

Available Plans: Enterprise

API Integration to Epicore, NetSuite, Fishbowl, SAP, Odoo and other ERP’s to Orchid eBound & Orchid eDocs. This integration also allows for full control over transactions with FFL / SOT Data.


Enhanced Dual Entry


Integrate ATF EZ Check to Master FIles


Feed FFLs by Zip Code to Your eComm

FFL University & Events

Orchid is the leading resource for on-demand FFL education. We have delivered over 3,000 modules and educated 1,000 FFLs. Browse our course catalog and check out our upcoming events.

Talk to an FFL expert

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