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“My commitment is to offer Federal Firearms Licensees the best FFL services for less than you would pay internally or from any another established firm.”
Jon Rydberg, CEO and Founder, Orchid Advisors

Together with our partners, we deliver the only integrated compliance, technology and legal solution.

Experts in ATF Inspections

Pass ATF Inspections

  • Audits from former ATF
  • Evaluate and improve records
  • On-call inspection help

Orchid A&D Experts

Speed ATF Transactions

  • ATF e4473 and NFA forms
  • Electronic Bound Books
  • Online 4473 training

DDTC Partners on ITAR

Comply with ITAR

  • Firearm Export Licenses
  • Export Compliance Programs
  • ITAR Regulations Training

Meet the FFL ‘SNIT’

Control Serialized Guns

  • SKU-level rules by state
  • ATF regulations and rulings
  • Connect to your POS or ERP

State Lookup or API-driven

Simplify Firearm Laws

  • API SKU-level rules by state
  • ATF regulations and rulings
  • Connect to your POS or ERP

Simple Retail 4473 Training

Learn ATF and ITAR

  • Retail 4473 transactions
  • Multiple sales forms
  • NFA compliance

No other firm can deliver the same protection or value.

Pass ATF Inspections and Maintain FFLs by discovering problems before the ATF, implementing technology-driven ATF compliance, and significantly reduce your legal expenses.

Comply with the ITAR and Grow Internationally by implementing the best firearms export compliance programs and obtaining licenses to source, make or sell in foreign markets.

Eliminate Firearm Manufacturing and Retail Delays by implementing the #1 ATF e4473, NFA eForms and Electronic Bound Book available for FFLs. 

Dramatically increase Firearm Production by eliminating manufacturing constraints, controlling shop floor activities and transforming your entire FFL operation.

Our clients run the best and most compliant firearm manufacturing, distribution and retail businesses.

#1 in FFL Compliance Solutions

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