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Orchid helps the firearm industry profitably manufacture, distribute and sell firearms with great efficiency and the utmost compliance through the use of innovated FFL technology and a team of experienced ATF compliance experts and regulatory experts.

FFL Software For All FFL Types

Manufacturing – Distribution – Retail – eCommerce

Join thousands of FFLs who found a better and lower cost software solution. Orchid’s firearm software provides gun stores, manufacturers, distributors and ecommerce owners with integrated cloud-based technology that simplifies day-to-day business operations and ATF compliance

Why are Orchid’s FFL Software & Payments Processing the best?


Simplified FFL software that is easy to use


FFL experts assigned to each account


24/7 support dedicated to FFLs for over 10 years


Low-risk payments designed to remove all anti-firearm bias


FFL compliance software 100% attorney backed

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Software Spotlight:
Orchid POSTM
Orchid eCommerceTM

Orchid POS™ is a full-scale POS, eCommerce and Range Management Solution.

Starting at $100 mo, Orchid has the most robust cloud-based firearm POS software for single and multi-store retail and mobile FFLs.

See why Orchid POS™ is the #1 POS of 2021!

Integration Spotlight:
Digital Storage

Working together or separately, Orchid eStorage and 4473 Cloud provide the most comprehensive digital storage solution. Save money, time and space by storing all of your ATF and FFL records in the cloud.

4473 Cloud + eStorage
FFL POS Solution Provider
FFL Top Retail Payment
Payment Award

FFL Licensing, ATF Compliance
and Export Services

Firearm Law – ATF Compliance – Import / Export – Education

Orchid provides cost effective FFL services related to federal and state firearm laws, FFL / SOT licensing, firearm imports and exports, ATF inspection support and on-call regulatory assistance.

Orchid’s FFL UniversityTM provides on-demand FFL education for firearms industry staff ensuring your team remains knowledgeable without leaving the office. And, together with FFL Law and Williams Mullen, we co-host the annual in-person Firearm Industry Conference.

Manufacturing FFLs seeking strategic advice can tap into Orchid’s seasoned professions who offer firearm mergers & acquisitions, strategy, ERP and operations consulting.

Why are Orchid’s FFL Services the best?


Services delivered by FFL attorneys, former ATF IOI / DDTC and firearm operations experts


Proven ability to uncover and resolve material FFL compliance risks


Unmatched expertise in firearm serialization, tracking and serialized inventory management


Working along-side NSSF, NRA, NASGW and ASA to deliver best-in-class FFL education


Transformational for FFL owners seeking to extract serious value from their business

Service Spotlight:
Orchid FFL Protection PlanTM

The Orchid FFL Protection Plan™ is the ultimate program for FFL compliance with federal and state gun laws. FFLs that join Orchid experience broad areas of coverage with the most simple to use tools and expert resources.

FFL owners and operations benefit from access to leading firearm industry attorneys, former ATF Industry Operations Investigators (IOIs) and FFL technology experts. Our program combines years of FFL industry experience into five simplified stages that guide FFLs through the most complex ATF inspections and firearm laws.

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