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Orchid's FFL team, together with its partners delivers the only integrated firearm compliance, technology and legal solution.

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Orchid's FFL services are delivered by former ATF investigators, firearm industry attorneys, former firearm compliance professionals.

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Orchid’s FFL clients run the best and most compliant firearms manufacturing, distribution and retail businesses.


“My commitment is to offer Federal Firearms Licensees the best services for less than you would pay internally or from any another established firm.”

Jon Rydberg, CEO and Founder, Orchid Advisors

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As a CFO, I am always focused on cost containment, but as the CFO of a firearm company, rigorous risk management and compliance must be the emphasis at any cost. Fortunately, Orchid provides excellent service at a reasonable cost and has played a key role in operationalizing our compliance throughout every business process and ERP transaction
Jeff Buchanan, EVP and CFO, Smith & Wesson Holding Corporation
Attending this conference provided a great opportunity to meet vendors, peers and regulators across the nation. In addition, the “straw purchases” presentation by ATF was phenomenal and provided great insights that benefit all firearms retailers- no matter how small or large. Everyone I met was incredibly open and willing to share best practices. Many attendees asked great questions in the sessions that sparked “AHA Moments” about what to look out for during a firearms transactions. I look forward to attending this session in the future!!! Orchid Advisors brings great products, books and conferences, to the industry.
Colinda Howard, JD, Former Senior Director, ATF, Consumer Protection and Anti-Trust Compliance, Walmart
The Orchid Advisors Firearms Compliance Conference is without a doubt the best firearms industry compliance event I have ever attended. Its scope is comprehensive, the experts on point, and the programing dynamic. It’s not to be missed. Orchid is a name I respect, and I am honored to be included.
Dan Spencer, General Counsel, CZ-USA
Orchid Advisors provides insightful, relevant compliance training and services uniquely suited to the firearms industry—a paragon of excellence regarding the complexities of compliance intrinsic to the industry. Highly recommend participation in the Compliance Conferences–come and sit at the feet of experts—we calendar a year ahead and consider attendance imperative.
Larry Nelson, Browning, VP Legal
Orchid Advisors plays a key role acting as our co-sourced Firearms Compliance Officer. They assist our Executives with key product and business decisions so that we can meet or exceed our compliance goals.
Gary Kasper, Compliance & Loss Prevention, Sportsman’s Guide
We engaged in a Warehouse Management System capable of receiving, shipping, inventory management and more. Orchid served as a key partner, integrating compliance and operational concepts for a smooth launch of our business.
Scott Eichstadt, SVP of Customer Services & Operations, Sportsman’s Guide
The amount and quality of the information is unbelievable… unlimited logins and you get a book? For only $200? You guys should have an infomercial!
Amanda Bowen, Owner and Director, Apex International
The ease of use of the Firearms Compliance University, the quality of the training, the affordability… this is the compliance training program the industry has been asking for.
A $250 million firearms manufacturer
The Firearms Compliance University works perfectly.
One of Kentucky's largest independent retailers
Orchid Advisors has provided the most prompt service and professional counsel in navigating the complicated waters of ITAR and DDTC issues. With their experience, we have avoided many delays and pitfalls.
Evin Galbraith, Director of Business Development, Minelli USA
I have attended both Firearms Compliance Conferences thus far, and plan to be in Atlanta in 2016. The information provided at both was spot on addressing many of the most critical issues we face in this industry. Even with over 20 years involvement in compliance I found myself gaining something from the conference including numerous contacts in the industry who I speak to regularly. To anyone considering attending my only suggestion would be to bring along a co-worker or two so you can have someone attend every session insuring that your company doesn’t miss out on any of the materials or their presentations.
Darren M. Edwards, Chief Compliance Officer, Kimber Mfg., Inc.
Attending the Orchid Advisory Compliance conference is an annual event we always look forward to. The conference helps us learn from and network with the leaders in the firearms industry and learn about new and emerging trends in compliance, directly from Senior Leadership at the ATF.
Brandon Maddox, Owner, FFL123 and Dakota Silencer
We found the Orchid Conference to be very informative, offering a wide variety of classes covering numerous subjects. All participants were extremely helpful shooting for a culture of compliance.
Gary Schmidt, Senior Manager, Firearms and Fleet Programs, Ducks Unlimited, Inc.
More than Jon simply guiding us on regulations, he infused compliant behaviors into the operations and production of firearms. The result was decreased manufacturing costs, improved regulatory compliance, and day-to-day efficiencies in our plants and corporate structure.
Joseph Bolmarcich, Director of Compliance & Government Contracts, Remington Outdoor Company
We have been working with Orchid Advisors for roughly two years now. Their experience and expertise make them a valuable asset to our compliance efforts. We would (and have) highly recommend Orchid Advisors to other companies looking to improve their compliance programs.
Joseph H. Bartozzi, Senior Vice President & General Counsel, Mossberg Corporation
In the two and a half years we have had worked with Orchid it has consistently provided responsive, exceptional quality service. I find them to be very knowledgeable on compliance issues and, most importantly, extremely thorough in their approach to problems.
Joe Dieso, Deputy General Counsel, Colt’s Manufacturing Company LLC
As a small FFL license holder it can be difficult to fully understand requirements and how best to achieve compliance. We engaged the services of Orchid Advisors and I can honestly say it was the best thing we ever did. Orchid not only completed a site assessment but more importantly educated our team and shared best practices on how to best to improve the current state. They are without a doubt subject matter experts and I would not work with anyone else.
Confidential, Director of Operations - USA Based Manufacturer
In my capacity as General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer of a firearm company, I have had the privilege to work with Orchid Advisors since its inception. Orchid’s subject matter expertise makes them a valuable resource. Orchid’s focus on client service, and ability to work seamlessly with my teams to operationalize my firearms compliance objectives at a reasonable cost, has made them my ‘go to’ business partner.
Robert J. Cicero, Vice President, General Counsel, Chief Compliance Officer and Secretary, Smith & Wesson Holding Corporation
Orchid Advisors team was professional and thorough throughout our entire mock audit. They did a great job in the classroom with our staff reinforcing the fundamentals of filling out a 4473 and checking for errors. After enlisting the services of Orchid Advisors our company is in a much better position for a future audit.
Compliance Manager, LL Bean
Orchid Advisors is a great group of people to work with and very helpful with new ideas on things we can do to improve our company’s compliance program, as we move into a World Class Establishment. I recommend every company that needs to have their system and company reviewed/audited to contact Orchid Advisors. And, their trainings have been very informative.
Annette Stevens, International Procurement and Compliance Manager
As the CEO of major organization I need to rely on trusted experts to achieve our business and compliance results. Orchid Advisors provides these combined services unlike any other.
George Kollitides, Former CEO of the industry’s largest firearm manufacturer
We have been working with Orchid Advisors for almost two years. We contacted them to help consult us on our exporting program. Orchid Advisors has been very thorough and helpful to us. They have taken what seemed like a very complicated process and simplified it for us.
Scott Volquartsen, Owner, Volquartsen Firearms
Orchid Advisors has been instrumental in creating an in-house export program here at LaRue Tactical. In only a matter of weeks, I was filing my first export license with ease and guiding my team with confidence. Orchid is always available to share its experience and patiently answer all of our questions. Orchid has consistently gone above and beyond for us. Orchid Advisors is a great asset to our growing company and I cannot recommend them enough to our colleagues in the firearm industry.
Sam LaRue, General Counsel, LaRue Tactical
Orchid Advisors is a key partner to the distribution channel and their retail partners, focused on SKU accuracy, operations management, technology and regulatory compliance. They add value across the full supply chain which adds great value to these smaller FFL holders.
Wayne Decker, Senior VP Operations, Big Rock Sports
Orchid Advisors has been central to the success of our rapid growth in the firearms industry in guiding us by making sure that we are in compliance when working with international vendors as well as within our own organization. Orchid is always available and helpful in explaining the correct way of proceeding with what we want to do while keeping us in compliance. I have the utmost confidence in Orchid’s direction and guidance.
Advanced Forming Technology, Inc., An ARCMIM Company