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Orchid eSerial

The First and Only Application Designed to Integrate Firearm Lasers, ERP Software & eBound Applications

Serialization and laser marking made easy for firearm manufacturers. Get API-driven software for laser marking serialized firearms.


Digitally reserve serial number blocks by part number or model


Communicate directly with laser marking devices


Automatically acquire completed marks in Orchid eBound™

Customers: Manufacturing

Save Time & Money – Stay Compliant

Eliminate ghost serial numbers and duplicate serial numbers

Eliminate paper logs used for tracking serial number marking status

Increase efficiency and compliance, and control facility-wide inventory

Orchid eSerialTM Features

Starting at $25 / mo

Reservation Portal

Engineering or compliance reservation portal

Status Indicators

Assign status to individual or blocks of serial numbers (Available, In-Process, Marked, Cancelled, Do Not Use)


Open API technology to communicate with any laser technology

eBound™ Integration

Native integration to Orchid eBound™


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