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Orchid eSerialTM

API-Driven Software for Laser Marking Serialized Firearms

The First and Only Application Designed to Integrate Firearm Lasers, ERP Software & eBound Applications

Serialization and laser marking made easy for firearm manufacturers


Digitally reserve serial number blocks by part number or model


Communicate directly with laser marking devices


Automatically acquire completed marks in Orchid eBound™

Save Time & Money – Stay Compliant

Eliminate ghost serial numbers and duplicate serial numbers

Eliminate paper logs used for tracking serial number marking status

Increase efficiency and compliance, and control facility-wide inventory

Orchid eSerialTM Features

Starting at $25 / mo

Reservation Portal

Engineering or compliance reservation portal

Status Indicators

Assign status to individual or blocks of serial numbers (Available, In-Process, Marked, Cancelled, Do Not Use)


Open API technology to communicate with any laser technology

eBound™ Integration

Native integration to Orchid eBound™


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