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The only FFL / SOT service developed in conjunction with the leading firearm industry associations.


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The Best eBound Book with Integrated e4473 Software!

 Electronic Bound Book, e4473, NFA eForms and ATF Correspondence Tools
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Improve with ATF Compliance Tools & Training Software

100+ Online Compliance Videos, Inventory Management and Barcode Software

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Optional Services – Chose All or None!
There’s a significant advantage to getting your Bound Book and ATF eForms software through Orchid’s FFLBizHub – because we’re also #1 in FFL Compliance Solutions. We’ve seen too many “software companies” leave their FFL clients hanging when it comes to sensitive ATF A&D data migration,  integrating a Bound Book with your regulated processes or even lack of support when the ATF arrives. Not only do we support you through the your on-boarding at no cost,  we’ve significantly discounted our services for brand new eBound Book and ATF eForms customers.

  • ATF eBound Book data audits
  • Master Data Migration
  • Open Dispositions or Historical Transaction Import
  • Complete Conversion & Implementation Project Management

ATF Compliant

Our FFL software is constantly updated, keeping you current with ATF Rulings and State regulations.

Instant Access & Support

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We don’t sell one-size-fits all packages. Select only what you need for your operation. Plus, all new users can access 30 Days Free Trial.

Trusted By the Industry

Orchid Advisors is the only firm endorsed by the four leading trade associations, who liaise directly with ATF, DDTC, and other regulators, and staff by leading industry professionals.

Time Saving

Orchid Advisors' Software Portal brings technology and ATF compliance together in one location, saving your FFL time and money.

For Every FFL

Perfect for startup FFLs, mid-sized retailers and giant firearm manufacturers – easy to scale with your growth.

ATF, NFA, State and Import

Our software and tools cover all major firearm industry regulations and transactions. Created by FFLs for FFLs.

Access On Any Device

Cloud based, always on, and always available. Access from your desktop, laptop, kiosk, iPad or smart phone.

Learn More About Our Electronic Bound Book with Integrated e4473 Software

 Electronic Bound Book, e4473, NFA eForms and ATF Correspondence Tools
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Learn More About Our ATF Compliance Tools & Training Software

100+ Online Compliance Videos, Inventory Management and Business Tools

About the FFLBizHub Software Platform

Behind The Scenes
Powered by Orchid Advisors, our Software Portal clients run the finest and most compliant firearms manufacturing, distribution and retail businesses. In partnership with NSSF, NASGW, ASA and the NRA Business Alliance.

We dramatically improve your regulated retail and manufacturing processes.
We offer the only ATF e4473, NFA eForms and Electronic Bound Book software that is designed, and optionally migrated and implemented by an ATF compliance consulting firm. We don’t sell you software unless it improves your compliance.

We bring technology and regulation together in one place.
We offer the only consolidated portal of Federal and State Regulations that is hosted along-side ATF e4473, NFA eForms, and Electronic Bound Book software. We don’t use ATF regulations as a buzz word to promote our software.