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Inventory Management Add-on

Easily manage inventory within your facility

Streamline operations with Orchid Inventory Management, an add-on that enables your bound book to assign inventory to specific locations or staff members. 

Customers: Retail – Manufacturing – Distribution – Import/Export

Available Plans: Enterprise Suite

Know where inventory is located

Assign inventory to a location or staff member

Streamline day-to-day operations

Reduce the risk of inventory damage or theft

Run inventory management reports

Run reports by location or employee

Always know where inventory is located

Have peace of mind knowing exactly where inventory is located or what staff member has inventory assigned to them.


Assign inventory to a physical location


Temporarily assign inventory to employee, in accordance with 2010-1


Run reports by location or employee assignment

inventory management location report

Streamline business operations

Having accurate information about the location of inventory is essential for providing the best possible customer experience, staff accountability and reducing the risk of inventory damage or theft. 


Expand business operations by assigning inventory to employees for off-site events such as tradeshows, sales meetings, and marketing events.


Reduce risk and internal error that can lead to inventory loss


Retrieve inventory promptly and fill customer orders efficiently

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Inventory management is an add-on for Orchid eBound. Learn more about our bound book software.