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Secure Digital Storage Solution for Electronic 4473s

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Streamline your handling of 4473s with Orchid eStorage™, an all-in-one solution that requires no third-party storage integrations. Minimize legal and regulatory risks while cutting down on labor and paper costs effectively. Learn More

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Why Choose 4473 eStorage from Orchid?

Digital Form Management

Retain 4473s and Multiple Sales Forms digitally, reducing paper and physical storage requirements

Rapid Review Technology

Orchid’s propietary system continuously monitors transactions, ensuring constant compliance and peace of mind

Form Corrections Made Easy

Easily address any discrepancies quickly and in compliance with the capability to amend 4473s electronically

Simplified Processing

Enjoy a seamless connection between your bound book, 4473s, and multiple sales forms all in one system, enhancing operational efficiency

Industry-Leading Expertise

Benefit from a solution crafted by Orchid, the foremost authority in compliance and software for the firearms industry

ATF Inspection Ready

Maintain 2022-1 compliance access, streamlining ATF inspections with controlled access to digital records

Go Paperless

Conserve time and reduce expenses with a fully electronic workflow.


Minimize your reliance on paper and costly printer ink


Cut expenses related to physical form storage


Search and filter 4473 forms faster than you can open a filing cabinet

Compliance, Simplified

The only 4473 eStorage solution built and managed by Orchid, the industry leaders in compliance in FFL software solutions.


Includes Orchid's Rapid Review technology, which actively monitors 4473 activity and instantly alerts you to costly mistakes that can be difficult to detect on your own


Receive proactive alerts on 4473s that have reached the 30-day threshold


Automated system that directly emails Form 3310 to the CLEO and ATF, streamlining reporting requirements

A Match Made for eBound

Orchid’s 4473 eStorage was designed from the ground up to work directly with eBound, ensuring a seamless integration and ATF compliance for your bound book records. 


Enjoy a more streamlined firearm transaction process for you and your customers


Electronic alerts and monitoring to help ensure compliant processing


Secure storage and automatic regular backups

Automate Internal Auditing with ATF Rapid Review

Optimize your A&D book and 4473 transaction reviews with automation, saving time and money while minimizing compliance risks.


Rapid Review lives up to its name by auditing your A&D book and 4473 transactions in seconds with just a click.


Set up recurring internal audits and receive the results via email to proactively manage risk, minimize fines, penalties, and regulatory scrutiny, and safeguard your reputation and finances.


Included with all A&D plans at no additional cost!

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