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ATF Rapid Review

Automate Internal Auditing with ATF Rapid Review

Included with All Orchid A&D Plans

Streamline your internal compliance process head-on with a daily automatic audit of every A&D transaction and Electronic 4473, delivered to your inbox. Designed for every A&D transaction type within the Bound Book of firearm manufacturing, distribution, or retail operations.

NSSF Preferred Vendor

Customers: Retail – Distribution – Manufacturing

FFL Bound Book and 4473 Software

Here are just a few retailers we are trusted by

Primary Arms
Sportsman Warehouse
Highby Outdoors
Ohio Ordinance Works
Why Choose Orchid’s ATF Rapid Review?

Automatic Internal Auditing

Set up recurring audits and receive the results via email to proactively manage risk, minimize fines, penalties, and safeguard your reputation and finances.

Fast Manual Audits

For when you need validation outside of the daily schedule, Rapid Review lives up to its name by auditing your A&D book and 4473 transactions in seconds with just a click.

Comprehensive Compliance Assistance

With 48 meticulous tests conducted across five critical areas, Rapid Review enables informed decision-making and proactive corrective actions, ensuring strict adherence to regulatory requirements.

No Extra Cost

Enjoy peace of mind with ATF Rapid Review, included in all of Orchid’s A&D plans.

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