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Retailers Learn ATF Form 4473 Step-by-Step

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April 16, 2018



Step-by-Step Guidance on ATF Form 4473

Spotlight On the 2018 Firearms Industry Compliance Conference


Firearm retailers, did you know that 8 of the top 10 violations cited during an ATF inspection are related to ATF Form 4473?

Join your fellow firearm retailers on May 16-18, in St. Paul, Minnesota at this year’s Firearms Industry Compliance Conference and expand your knowledge of ATF F 4473 and 3110.4!

Three step-by-step courses are being delivered by a former ATF Deputy Assistant Director and NSSF Industry consultant, Wally Nelson, with support from multiple current ATF personnel and Orchid Advisors. During these sessions we will talk about the primary retail firearm transfer forms, relevant fields, inspection risks and much more.

If you have questions on how to complete ATF F 4473 for resident aliens, or need to know how to handle dual residency, activity military and other scenarios, these courses are for you.

Not a retailer? Well, firearm manufacturers, don’t worry, we didn’t forget about you!

Join us Friday morning, May 18th, for an ATF led review of the following rulings: 2009-5, 2010-10, 2012-1, 2013-3 and 2016-1. We’ll cover the federal requirements related to firearm component manufacturing, variances, proper marking, recording in an electronic bound book and more.

Understanding should be integrated into your business processes can improve the health of your compliance program, and increase efficiencies within your operations.

Register today!

About the Firearms Industry Compliance Conference Orchid Advisors and the National Shooting Sports Foundation bring you the 5th Annual Firearms Industry Compliance Conference. Discounted access is available for NSSF members. Due to the limited seating capacity, registration is on a first come, first serve basis. Register today!

Limited sponsorship levels are available.  Please contact Chris Tatulli, NSSF Director, Exhibit and Sponsorship Sales, at ctatulli@nssf.org or (203) 426-1320 ext. 214 for more information

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