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Case Study: One-Man Retailer Uses All-In-One POS

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September 21, 2021


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Client: JW Firearms
Location: Socorro, NM
Website: Facebook Page
Client Since: 2021


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Situated along the Rio Grande roughly one hour south of Albuquerque, NM, Socorro is a small town with a population of less than 10,000 people. Among them is Justin Greenwood, a self-proclaimed “gun nut” who has lived in Socorro nearly his entire life.

Growing up around firearms, Greenwood dreamt of one day owning a gun store, but his dream was little more than that until he began reconsidering his career path. Wanting a backup plan, he enrolled in the Sonoran Desert Institute and completed their Associate of Science in Firearms Technology Degree program. Greenwood would go on to apprentice under a local gunsmith and serve as an armorer for local police before briefly moving to Tennessee.

Upon moving back to Socorro, Greenwood saw an opportunity to finally make his dream a reality. With personal savings and a little help from friends, he opened JW Firearms in July 2021 as a small retail FFL and only the second dealer in town. Needing a point of sale system and understanding the importance of compliance, he contacted Orchid.

“Of everyone I looked at, Orchid was the only software company that also offered ATF services,” said Greenwood. “I contacted Shaun who gave me a demo of Orchid POS™, walked me through the features and answered all my questions – he was phenomenal.”

JW Firearms retail store with firearms, ammunition and accessories

With little local brick-and-mortar competition, business at JW Firearms has been good in its first few months. Many customers are family members and longtime friends of Greenwood, but he’s also attracted customers from across New Mexico and those willing to make the 3-hour drive from Arizona looking for firearms. Catering largely to hunters, Greenwood also sells bows and still serves as a gunsmith.

“I’m a one-man shop and run Orchid POS™ off a single laptop to order inventory, manage my work orders and track sales,” Greenwood continued. “It’s cheap, easy to use and does everything I need. If I have a problem or compliance question, I know I can reach out to Orchid for quick answers.”

As inventory and sales grow, Greenwood anticipates expanding his use of Orchid POS™, including connecting the system to Orchid eBound™ and potentially launching a website with Orchid eCommerce™.

Orchid POS™ for Retail FFLs


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