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Case Study: Growing Outdoors Retailer Upgrades to Professional POS

Written by Orchid


September 28, 2021


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Client: SMD Outdoors
Location: St. Johnsbury, VT
Website: stmichaelsdefense.com
Client Since: 2021


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The most viable businesses serve a need, and the best way to serve a need is to solve a problem. A combat veteran with experience serving in the U.S. Army and Vermont Army National Guard, that’s exactly what Christopher Haggett set out to do when he and his wife, Carolyn, opened St. Michael’s Defense in St. Johnsbury, VT in 2016.

Named after the patron saint of military personnel and police officers, Haggett wanted to better serve state military and first responders by offering a local option for tactical gear and apparel. However, he found inventory didn’t move fast enough, so, like many successful businesses, Haggett and co-owner Kenny Timson pivoted to also cater to outdoorsmen, stocking firearms of all types, fishing gear and various hunting products. In the spring of 2021, the business moved to a new location and reopened under the name SMD Outdoors.

With little competition from local or big box retailers, SMD Outdoors has grown quickly and Haggett and Timson sought a professional point of sale system to match their business. Using QuickBooks at the time, they reached out to Orchid for a better solution.

“We had to enter everything manually,” said Haggett. “Transactions were slow, and we were having to aimlessly run around the store every time we did inventory. Then Orchid set us up with new Orchid POS™.

“Their POS is easy to use, the software and hardware look professional, and the barcode scanner allows us to merchandise and manage inventory levels much more efficiently.”

Orange gift card with SMD Outdoors logo on counter

SMD Outdoors recently began offering gift cards through Orchid POS™ and they’ve already become popular among customers looking for anything from defensive handguns to hunting rifles, fishing poles to turkey decoys, and camp chairs to snowshoes. SMD Outdoors also offers gunsmithing services, including firearm customization.

“Orchid has been great to work with,” continued Haggett. “Any issues we’ve had we’ve been able to reach out and resolve quickly, and they even connected us with a Smith & Wesson rep and local buy group. Their service is second to none.”

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