Our primary objective is to deliver an outstanding retail experience to firearm consumers during every touchpoint without adversely impacting our ATF compliance or operating efficiency. With the FFL Compliance Manager solution that goal will be achieved.
-Rick Gridley, director, public affairs, Big 5 Sporting Goods.

The need for a large independent or “Big Box” retailer to comply with local, state and federal firearms regulations is very important. Keeping every employee—from the warehouse floor to firearm Point of Sale—informed and educated on changing regulatory and compliance laws is a challenging and sometimes daunting task.

Orchid Advisors helps managers like you take control of their ATF compliance initiatives through in-depth employee training, A&D accuracy software solutions, and expert advice that help you stay informed and take a pro-active approach to your company’s compliance efforts.

Our programs reduce costly attorney expenses associated with overlooked or hidden controls and provide you with the tools you need for advanced preparation and remediation before a possible ATF inspection.

Do you face these challenges?

Our large firearm retailers (FFL Type 01 and 08 / 11 for those who import) often ask Orchid questions such as:

  1. How do I track the changing state regulations, embed them into our ERP and POS for real-time compliance?
  2. We’ve built our own electronic A&D book but it just doesn’t integrate well with our other systems. Can you help identify technology that will reduce our ATF risk?
  3. We have over 1,000 employees across 400 stores who transact firearms, completing 4473s, multiple sales forms and more. Do you offer online education to keep them persistently aware of the rules?
  4. What do our competitors do that we don’t and are we prepared for an ATF inspection?
  5. The industry demand for Silencers / Suppressors is significant and we want to take part. Can you help us understand the impact to our business and compliance needs?

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