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AmmoReady Integration

Elevate your online gun store with an endless aisle of firearm inventory

AmmoReady and Orchid POSTM seamlessly integrate to create the industry’s leading retail solution. Together, the applications provide:

  • Live, streaming distributor inventory
  • List in-store inventory online
  • SEO customizable website and webstore
  • Drop shipping
  • In-store special orders and replenishment

Customers: Retailer

Available Plans: Enterprise Suite

Expand your firearm catalogue

Live distributor feeds available in Orchid POSTM and on your website

Engage firearm buyers

Create a best-in-class website with ease and improve the shopping experience

In-store or drop ship delivery

Ship Station integration makes selecting an FFL shipping destination easy

Replenish in-store inventory

Set minimum firearm inventory levels and place distributor order from Orchid POS

Order and shipment tracking

Feed distributor tracking details back to Orchid POS and to your customer

Sell and collect guns safely

Integrated firearm-friendly merchant processing and anti-fraud checkout controls

Live distributor catalogues and inventory feeds

Tap into live distributor feeds to offer endless aisle of inventory both in-store and online. Meet the needs of a wider group of consumers and be prepared for shifts in demand.


Increase sales with an endless aisle of product


Offer accessories, ammo and related products


Expand sales beyond your local geography

AmmoReady eCommerce

Ad-free, customizable website and web store

Unlike other offerings the Orchid / AmmoReady solution doesn’t burden your customer’s shopping experience with third party advertisements.


Easy to use website design and configuration


Maximize google search with SEO optimization


Engage in digital marketing and reach out to current and future customers

AmmoReady & Orchid POS
An Unmatched Solution

 The ONLY POS – eCommerce – Bound Book solution that comes standard with an Attorney Defense and a 100% Guarantee Against ATF Revocations

Distributor Feed

Endless aisles of live inventory


Best-in-class websites and drop shipping

Orchid POS

POS, Gunsmith, Loyalty, CRM and More

Orchid eBound

e4473, NICS, Kiosks and State Forms

Orchid eStorage

FFL or e4473 Cloud DIgital Storage

Bound Book
Point of Sale

Orchid + AmmoReady

Orchid Enterprise Suite

An NSSF Preferred Vendor Solution

Orchid Enterprise Suite

An NSSF Preferred Vendor Solution

Orchid Enterprise Suite

An NSSF Preferred Vendor Solution

Orchid Enterprise Suite

An NSSF Preferred Vendor Solution

One Team with a Mission To Grow Your FFL

Any Other POS + AmmoReady (ex)

FFL Boss, Fastbound, EZ Bound
Gearfire Payments, Fortis or Other
POS Not Dedicated to FFLs
Four Entities Pieced Together with Four Separate Support Numbers
$500 or more

Learn more about Orchid POS and AmmoReady

Don’t miss out on this game changing integration for your FFL business.

Orchid has expanded well beyond basic POS integration to include in-store replenishment, POS-driven special orders, fulfillment monitoring, and more. The combined solution of AmmoReady and Orchid POS is a great addition to our growing list of partners and a leading solution for retailers wanting to elevate their FFL to the next level.

Paul Angell

CEO, AmmoReady