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Case Study: Shotgun Importer Improves Operational Efficiency with ERP Integration

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December 16, 2022


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Client: Retay USA
Location: Easton, MD
Website: retayusa.com
Client Since: 2022


  • Orchid eBound™
  • Fishbowl ERP Integration
  • Orchid eSerial™

The North American marketing and product development subsidiary of Turkish firearm manufacturer, Retay Arms, the Maryland-based Retay USA has imported shotguns to the U.S. since 2017. Today, the Type 08 FFL receives multiple shipping containers each month stocked with Retay’s Inertia-Plus semiautomatic shotguns, beautifully machined and crafted in a state-of-the-art facility in Konya, Turkey.

Like many firearm manufacturers, Retay saw explosive growth during the pandemic. However, with growth often comes new operational challenges. With larger and more frequent shipments of guns coming in, Retay USA saw a need to minimize its manual recordkeeping. And, after a thorough review of available options, Retay selected Orchid eBound™, an industry-leading A&D bound book.

“Before Orchid, everything we did was manual,” said Daniel Harris, Retay USA Operational Manager. “Entering thousands of firearms one at a time is extremely time-consuming, but eBound’s bulk processing makes it so much faster to acquire, dispose and track our firearms.”

Though eBound alone proved a significant timesaver, Harris and team were still manually duplicating entries into Retay USA’s inventory management and enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, Fishbowl. That is, until Retay contacted the technology consultants at Sharpe Concepts to develop the first API connection between Fishbowl ERP and Orchid eBound™ to streamline operations.

Man shooting sporting clays with Retay shotgun

“The integration with Orchid was the missing piece we needed,” said Harris. “Fishbowl is great for businesses who want to advance their inventory capabilities without breaking the bank, but it isn’t industry specific on its own. This new integration allows firearms data to flow seamlessly between our ERP and bound book with minimal interference and no duplicate entry required. 

“There’s always challenges as an early adopter, but we couldn’t be more satisfied with the Orchid and Fishbowl integration now,” Harris continued. “I hardly even need to open eBound anymore because I trust the integration is working. The application is nicely laid out, easy to use, and saves us a ton of time. It’s hard to imagine how we ever operated without it.”

For small to medium-size FFLs, Fishbowl ERP is a simple and affordable solution to integrated serialized inventory management. As Retay USA continues to grow and its technical needs change, Orchid eBound™ can scale and connect with other popular ERP systems.

Fishbowl ERP Integration


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