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We engaged in a Warehouse Management System capable of receiving, shipping, inventory management and more. Orchid served as a key partner, integrating compliance and operational concepts for a smooth launch of our business.

Scott Eichstadt, SVP of Customer Services & Operations, Sportsman’s Guide

Your role as a Type 01 (or type 08/11 if you also import) is to move product from the manufacturers to the dealers efficiently and effectively. Your compliance concerns are more straightforward than your manufacturing and 4473 laden retail partners, but you’re not out of the woods.

You move thousands of firearms, parts and accessory SKUs from receiving to virtual bin locations to shipping. How do you know if your distribution or wholesale operation is running as efficiently as possible and without increased compliance risk?

Orchid Advisors helps small to large distributors and wholesalers take control of their company’s compliance initiatives through in-depth employee training, security audits, data-input, warehouse management system (WMS) / enterprise resource planning (ERP) improvement, expert advice and alert services to help you stay informed and take a proactive approach to your company’s compliance efforts.

Do you face these challenges?

Wholesalers, distributors and even buying groups often ask us these questions:

  1. Do State firearm regulations affect me or only the dealer?
  2. How do I ensure that the firearm serial number in the box matches the outside label?
  3. What can you do to help my firearm dealers be more financially savvy, technologically advanced and compliant?

Whether or not you need direct help for your wholesale / distribution FFL, or if you seek assistance for your entire dealer network, contact us. We are here to eliminate your compliance woes and return cash to your pocket.

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