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Orchid’s NASGW Booth To Showcase The Firm’s Latest Solutions

Written by Orchid


October 16, 2023


Orchid NASGW Booth

Hartford, CT – Orchid, the leader in FFL technology, payment processing, and firearm and explosives compliance services, proudly announces its participation in the upcoming NASGW Expo, scheduled to take place from October 24-27, 2023, in Columbus, Ohio.

Exhibiting at booth #187, Orchid’s leadership team cordially invites FFLs to schedule private meetings on the following solutions:

  • Orchid eState Compliance Software: The one-of-a-kind legislative research application adds real-time, API-driven product restrictions via a zip code and over 30,000 firearm UPCs. Ideal for manufacturing and distribution FFLs who sell out of state via an ERP or eCommerce platform. All NASGW wholesalers are provided no-cost access to the baseline product.
  • ERP Technology and Integrations: A wide range of solutions for firearm manufacturing and distribution FFLs who seek a modern B2B / B2C eCommerce platform, FFL-specific ERP solutions and laser integration technology.
  • Retail and eCommerce Technology: Integrated with multiple NASGW distributors, Orchid’s cloud-based Point-of-Sale and eCommerce solution offers a complete solution for single and multi-store firearm dealers.
  • ATF, Import and Export Solutions: Offering the highest level of FFL protection and regulatory expertise under one roof. Our team has processed over $300m in exports, 50,000+ 4473s per month while achieving a 100% ATF revocation defense success rate. Solutions include recurring service packages, on-call solutions and attorney backed A&D solutions.
  • Firearm Friendly Merchant Processing: Stand-alone or technology-integrated solutions exist, offering industry-low pricing without the threat of hidden price increases or anti-gun bias. Relied upon by major FFLs seeking material savings and protection.

Leland Nichols, Orchid’s Chief Strategy and Business Development Officer, expressed his enthusiasm about attending the NASGW Expo, stating, “We are excited to connect with industry leaders and showcase Orchid’s solutions. Our commitment to providing best-in-class services with the aid of a single phone number sets us apart, and we look forward to sharing our expertise with NASGW Expo attendees.”

For those interested in scheduling a meeting with Orchid at the expo, please visit orchidadvisors.com/contact.

In addition, Orchid’s NetSuite ERP partner, Business Solutions Partner, will be hosting a private ERP networking event on the evening of Wednesday the 25th. Attendance is based on capacity. To learn more, please visit orchidadvisors.com/nasgw.

About Orchid:
Orchid is a leading provider of firearm compliance solutions, offering industry-leading software. Celebrating ten years of serving the shooting sports industry, Orchid and partner firm Orchid Law offer leading FFL software, firearms-friendly payment processing, and legal and regulatory services for firearms, ammunition, and explosives industries. Orchid’s POS, eCommerce, and regulatory applications, including Orchid eBound, Orchid FEL Book, and Orchid eState, accompany its expert services in ERP integration, firearms/explosives regulation, state gun laws, and Firearm & Ammunition Excise Tax advisory. Get started at orchidadvisors.com

Media Contact:

Austin Alterio
Director of Marketing