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ATF Inspection Readiness Automated with Orchid’s ATF Rapid Review Technology

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May 15, 2024



Hartford, CT – Orchid, the leading provider of firearms compliance solutions, announces the launch of Orchid ATF Rapid ReviewTM, groundbreaking technology that delivers an audit of every A&D transaction and Electronic 4473 to your inbox every morning.

Firearms retailers encounter numerous challenges in compliance management, including daily audits, labor-intensive processes, and the risk of ATF inspection issues. Orchid ATF Rapid ReviewTM addresses these pain points head-on by offering automation, accuracy, and peace of mind. It streamlines compliance processes, allowing FFLs to focus on core business operations while ensuring strict adherence to ATF regulations.

 Here’s how ATF Rapid Review can help your FFL:

Peace of Mind for Every Responsible Person: Orchid ATF Rapid ReviewTM provides daily electronic oversight – ideally designed for owner / operators, compliance professionals and busy executives – who seek early warning signals and risk avoidance. The rapid review technology is designed for every A&D transaction type within the Bound Book of firearm manufacturing, distribution, or retail operations. Orchid eBound users also get the benefit of daily monitoring of every electronic form 4473.

Time Savings: Orchid ATF Rapid Review significantly reduces the time required for compliance management by automating the review process of A&D Bound Book and 4473 transactions. With manual audits eliminated, retailers and compliance officers can allocate their resources more efficiently, enhancing overall productivity.

Comprehensive Compliance Assistance: Orchid ATF Rapid Review not only serves as a compliance assistant but also offers comprehensive insights and analysis across key compliance areas. With 48 meticulous tests conducted across five critical areas, the tool provides retailers with a detailed understanding of their ATF compliance status. This comprehensive approach enables informed decision-making and proactive corrective actions, ensuring strict adherence to regulatory requirements and enhancing overall compliance posture.

 “Orchid ATF Rapid Review represents a significant leap forward in ATF compliance management for FFLs,” said Attorney Philip Milks, VP of Regulatory Services at Orchid. “By automating certain audits, reducing manual efforts, and providing comprehensive insights, this solution empowers FFLs to actively monitor potential issues. Coupled with Orchid eBound’s native electronic 4473 storage system and best-in-class compliance service, FFLs of all types can rest assured that they have the best compliance protection available.”

To learn more about Orchid ATF Rapid ReviewTM, Orchid 4473 eStorageTM or Orchid eBoundTM, visit OrchidAdvisors.com/atf-rapid-review-software.

About Orchid:

Orchid is a trusted industry leader in providing firearms compliance solutions. Through innovative technology and expert insights, Orchid empowers Federal Firearms Licensees (FFLs) to streamline their operations and maintain strict compliance with ATF regulations. Orchid is dedicated to enhancing the safety, accountability, and integrity of the firearms industry.

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