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DECCS User Account Security Update

Written by Orchid


October 17, 2023


Don't Get Locked Out of Your DECCS Account!

DDTC will soon be migrating to the FedRAMP High instance of a multifactor authentication solution to maintain a robust security posture and protect information stored within DECCS.

As part of this process, all users should log into DECCS which will ensure that your account information and passwords are automatically synced with the new upgraded instance. If you maintain multiple DECCS accounts, please ensure that you log in to all accounts you wish to retain access to. Once complete, no further action will be required at this time beyond the regular DECCS login process.

Any users who do not log into their DECCS account before November 17, 2023 may be locked out and unable to access DECCS without assistance in the future.

Source: https://www.pmddtc.state.gov/ddtc_public/ddtc_public?id=ddtc_public_portal_news_and_events

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