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eCommerce in Firearms – Considerations for Compliant Sales

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March 12, 2018



Firearms eCommerce – Considerations for Compliant Sales

Spotlight On the 2018 Firearms Industry Compliance Conference


The online sale of firearms and accessories is growing at an increasingly rapid pace. And while some organizations have had an online presence for years, there is a clear movement to obtain a greater web presence for new and used products. At this year’s Firearms Industry Compliance Conference, attendees will hear from both talented legal professionals and eCommerce providers on the regulatory implications of selling online. The track will discuss the fundamentals of designing and implementing an e-commerce platform that is compliant with Federal and State laws. Topics include:

  • drop shipping firearms and how that impacts ATF compliance records
  • unique compliance issues across the 50 states
  • managing NFA sales and distribution through an online eCommerce portal
  • aligning online descriptions with regulated master data that flows to the A&D Book
  • e-commerce specific issues such as privacy policies and data security procedures
  • payment systems used on e-commerce platforms that sell firearms and ammunition
  • tax implications of internet sales of firearms and ammunition
  • effective terms and conditions that govern the sales agreement between the customer and the seller

Not interested in eCommerce? Then join one of over twenty other sessions.

Simplifying ATF Manufacturing Rulings 2009-5, 2010-10, 2012-1, 2013-3, 2016-1. For example, component manufacturers, firearm manufacturers and those who provide outside processing services will meet on the afternoon of May 17 for an in-depth look at ATF Rulings 2009-5, 2010-10, 2012-1, 2013-3 and 2016-1. We’ll discuss what these Rulings mean, how they apply to your business, and in some cases, how they can be used to make your business easier!


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