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Domestic and International Firearm Sales

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March 26, 2018



Domestic and International Firearm Sales

Spotlight On the 2018 Firearms Industry Compliance Conference


Operating a firearms business across State lines is a complicated task. 

In addition to the numerous Federal laws, regulations, rulings, letters, and interpretations, you’re required to understand and comply with every state – that’s enough to make your head spin!  Fortunately, State-level firearm restrictions can be broken down logically and  simplified. On May 18, we’ll walk you through a process to break down the state laws into logical segments. The session will help you focus on running your business of selling firearms while reducing your legal and compliance risk.

If you’ve already mastered state firearm laws, then join one of our ITAR / EAR sessions where our team will address  firearms manufacturing, international sourcing and global distribution under ITAR / EAR rules.

Learn How to Manage an Export Compliance Program
Domestic manufacturers – are you aware that you must comply with EXPORT regulations, even if you operate wholly and only within the United States and have never even considered shipping something outside of US borders? 

Sound too bad to be true?  It’s not!

Manufacturers of firearms, ammunition, and other defense articles have obligations to abide by the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) even if they only operate within the US. Luckily, at the FICC you can learn how export compliance managers from leading companies manage their export compliance programs to avoid inadvertent “exports” and accidental violations of the ITAR. 

Whether you are actively sending products outside the US, or you are involved in domestic commerce only, register today and join us on May 17, 2018 to learn from industry experts and hear from and speak with Federal Government regulators. 

About the Firearms Industry Compliance Conference Orchid Advisors and the National Shooting Sports Foundation bring you the 5th Annual Firearms Industry Compliance Conference. Discounted access is available for NSSF members. Due to the limited seating capacity, registration is on a first come, first serve basis. Register today!


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