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Washington SAFE Background Checks Automated with Orchid eBound API Integration

Written by Orchid


October 23, 2023



Hartford, CT – Orchid, the leader in FFL technology, payment processing, and firearm and explosives compliance services, Washington State and Farwest Sports, owner of the two largest in-state gun stores, announce the first API integration to the Washington SAFE background check system. Available today, Orchid’s integration to the “Secure Automated Firearms E-Check program” (SAFE) enables a real-time background check and automated submission of form FIR-652-001, the “Firearm Transfer Application.”

“We were delighted to work alongside the Washington State SAFE team and Tina Browning, Compliance Officer of Farwest’s Outdoor Emporium and Sportco stores, to develop API integration capabilities,” said Eric Wille, VP of Sales & Marketing at Orchid. This initiative demonstrates both Farwest Sport’s and Washington State’s commitment to public safety and firearm compliance. Being selected as the first electronic bound book and 4473 providers to connect to the SAFE is an honor.”

Orchid’s SAFE integration is designed to work seamlessly from the firm’s electronic 4473 or 4473 kiosk platform, serving the consumer additional Washington-specific questions at the end of Section B. Upon submission to SAFE, Orchid offers the FFL either an instantaneous response from SAFE or informs the FFL via lit buttons in the application’s header.

All Washington SAFE-approved retail FFLs can join Orchid’s 6,000+ customers, the largest provider of A&D technology and compliance services, with a program launch discount of 20% off implementation fees and the first 3 months free. In addition to the SAFE-integrated A&D platform, users will be provided:

  • Attorney Defense 100% Guaranteed Against ATF Revocations (terms apply)
  • Simplified migration from FastBound, FFLBoss, or other A&D applications
  • Unlimited users, bound books, and simplified pricing without transaction limits
  • Unmatched live technical support
  • No contracts or minimum commitments
  • Access to the only firm with one phone number for FFL technology, compliance services, and merchant processing
  • Cost-effective upgrades to a fully integrated retail Point-of-Sale, eCommerce, electronic State Restrictions, and A&D/4473 package from a single provider

Manufacturers and distributors seeking an A&D solution can contact Orchid for the largest array of API-integrated ERP available on the market, including NetSuite from Oracle, Oracle, Epicor, Infor, SAP, Fishbowl, and others. Also available is the Orchid eBound’s direct integration to laser marking devices such as Rofin, Trumpf, Beamer, and Lasit.

Mrs. Browning, Compliance Officer of Farwest Sports said, “As a Background Check Advisory Board member overseeing the creation of the Washington SAFE program, I’d like to thank the team at Orchid for working alongside us to bring this initiative to light. The integration works seamlessly, and we’ve enjoyed the real-time customer service and responsiveness of Orchid’s professionals.”

In honor of the new integration, Orchid is offering all FFLs 3 months free plus a 20% discount off any implementation fee associated with its POS / ERP, eCommerce, eState, and A&D / 4473 software. FFLs seeking to upgrade their application with one-on-one, guided migration services can use the code ‘SAFE’ during checkout at orchidadvisors.com/safe. This offer is good for purchases made between today and November 30, 2023. Implementation may be deferred through the busy holiday season at the FFLs request.


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