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Customer Announcement: T and K Tactical

Written by Orchid


October 14, 2022


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Orchid is proud to announce a new customer, T and K Tactical.

They say a dog is a man’s best friend, but guns may be a close second. At least, that’s the case with Peter “Tony” Lewis, who owns and operates T and K Tactical in Augusta, ME, with his Bernese mountain dogs, Kanu and Teeko. Previously working out of a small, custom-built wood building next to his home, the Type 07 FFL moved to a new retail front in 2021 where the firearms business benefits from downtown foot traffic. Offering firearms in-store and online through an AmmoReady ecommerce shop, T and K Tactical also builds its own AR-15 firearms from branded and custom-engraved components.

Earlier this year, Lewis contacted Orchid unsatisfied with the quality of his point of sale (POS) system. Critical to any retail operation, our team was quick to get T and K Tactical up and running with Orchid POS™ and Orchid eBound™ in a matter of weeks. Now armed with an integrated retail and compliance solution, T and K Tactical is prepared to scale as it grows – just like Kanu and Teeko.

To learn more about T and K Tactical, visit tandktactical.com.

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