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Customer Announcement: Liberty Shooting Sports

Written by Orchid


October 21, 2022


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Orchid is proud to announce a new customer, Liberty Shooting Sports.

To keep up with changing consumer buying habits following the pandemic, many brick-and-mortar retailers have taken their businesses online. Operating three gun stores in the Houston, TX area, Spring Guns & Ammo did just that, launching a separate ecommerce FFL in 2021 under the name Liberty Shooting Sports. Integrated with AmmoReady, the webstore sells everything a hunter, shooter and gun owner could need, including firearms, ammunition, optics, knives and more.

However, operating such a large ecommerce operation requires a reliable point of sale (POS) system and A&D bound book – and that’s exactly what Liberty Shooting Sports got when they reached out to Orchid. By the start of 2022, Liberty had implemented industry-leading Orchid POS™ and Orchid eBound™ to manage its everchanging inventory, track customer orders, and grow its ecommerce business alongside its physical sister locations. Combined, Liberty Shooting Sports and Spring Guns & Ammo offer an omnichannel retail experience for gun enthusiasts in Texas and beyond. 

To learn more about Liberty Shooting Sports, visit libertyshooting.com.

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