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Customer Announcement: Rush Armory

Written by Orchid


October 07, 2022


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Orchid is proud to announce a new customer, Rush Armory.

One of five major U.S. territories, Guam is home to less than 20 total licensed firearms businesses. Among those FFLs is Rush Armory, located within the island’s largest city of Dededo. A family-owned and operated Type 01 firearm, ammunition, and extreme sports retailer for nearly a decade, Rush Armory/Gear offers “Protection for a Peace of Mind,” selling everything from rifles, shotguns and handguns to airguns, crossbows, knives and more in-store and online with an AmmoReady ecommerce. Rush Armory is also active in local competitive shooting and paintball leagues, sponsoring top shooters and teams from Guam.

Despite a small retail footprint, Rush Armory has a dedicated customer base thanks to its long-time standing in the underserved Guam community. To better serve those customers and modernize its operations, Rush Armory reached out to Orchid interested in a new point-of-sale. Months later, the FFL has since implemented industry-leading solutions Orchid POS™ and Orchid eBound™ to integrate firearm transactions, enhance the customer experience, and eliminate compliance risk.

To learn more about Rush Armory, visit rusharmory.com.

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