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Customer Announcement: Black Flag Arsenal

Written by Orchid


October 28, 2022


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Orchid is proud to announce a new customer, Black Flag Arsenal.

Dating back to the Civil War, a black and white American flag signifies an unwillingness to surrender. Fitting symbolism for a firearms business, Black Flag Arsenal is a Type 01 dealer located on the western outskirts of Des Moines, IA. Opened in early 2022, Black Flag Arsenal offers “premium lifesaving equipment,” selling firearms, plate carriers, battle belts, and shooting accessories needed to “protect yourself, your family, and your community” in a modern, hands-on retail experience.

However, when Black Flag Arsenal needed to protect its business, the FFL reached out to Orchid for compliance solutions. Addressing the needs of the new FFL prior to opening, Orchid set Black Flag Arsenal up with Orchid’s Retail Enterprise Suite, featuring leading A&D bound book and POS software, for an integrated compliance and operational solution that will never surrender to ATF regulation.

To learn more about Black Flag Arsenal, visit blackflagarsenal.com.

Get started with Orchid retail FFL software at orchidadvisors.com/retail.

Retail FFL Bound Book