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Customer Announcement: Ares State Armory

Written by Orchid


November 04, 2022


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Orchid is proud to announce a new customer, Ares State Armory

Named after the Greek god of war, Ares State Armory opened in Lawton, OK, in 2016. A retail gun store specializing in NFA and hard-to-find firearms, ASA stocks hundreds of handguns, rifles, shotguns, and suppressors on-hand for new and experienced shooters. But that’s not all – Ares State Armory is also in the process of constructing the first indoor shooting range in the area. But before the new range opens, the Type 01 FFL wanted to upgrade its operational technology.

Previously using FFL Boss and small business point of sale, Clover, ASA contacted Orchid to learn more about and upgrade to Orchid POS™. An all-in-one retail FFL solution, the implementation of POS and Orchid eBound™/e4473 provides Ares State Armory with an integrated software suite capable of managing firearm recordkeeping, customer transactions, and future range management efficiently, affordably, and with the utmost compliance.

To learn more about Ares State Armory, visit aresstatearmory.com.

Get started with Orchid retail FFL software at orchidadvisors.com/retail.

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