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ATF Revises Gun Show Guidelines for FFLs

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July 01, 2021


ATF Revises FFL Gun Show Guidelines

In June, the ATF announced revisions to gun show guidelines for FFLs and attendees per document ATF I 5300.23A, titled “Important Notice to Dealers and Other Participants at Gun Shows.” As gun shows around the country return following pandemic shutdowns, the document breaks down permitted activities for both in-state and out-of-state FFLs and residents.

Changes to the document were specific to FFLs not licensed within the state of the gun show, emphasizing their inability to conduct business out-of-state, except when transferring curios or relics to a licensed in-state dealer. Licensed out-of-state FFLs may still display, take orders and acquire firearms at gun shows.

While minor clarifications, the updates come as the Biden-Harris Administration attempts to implement new strategies to prevent gun crime and ensure public safety, including a zero-tolerance policy for “rogue gun dealers that willfully violate the law,” and H.R. 8, a bill that would require background checks for all firearm sales and transfers, closing the “Gun Show Loophole,” awaits a vote in the U.S. Senate.

With dealers under increased scrutiny and regulations constantly changing at every level of government, it’s never been more important to protect your license and stay compliant. Orchid offers software solutions and expert services to teach, guide, audit and monitor your FFL, including all-in-one mobile POS and inventory management tool, Orchid Gun Show™, electronic bound book software and ATF Form 4473 application, Orchid eBound™, and on-call compliance and FFL legal services through partner firm, FFL Law.

Safety, Security & Disasters

The ATF also revised two other documents regarding safety and security information (ATF P 3317.2) and disaster preparedness (ATF P 3317.7) for FFLs. Among the updates, the agency noted they received 15,000 reports of stolen or unknown disposition firearms in 2020 — of which more than 13,000 were unaccounted for by the publishing of the annual ATF FFL Theft/Loss Report.

Whether you operate a new or seasoned FFL, take time to review and revise the security, safety and disaster plans for your business to reduce theft/loss, compliance risk and personal injury. Learn how Orchid can assist in creating operating procedures, navigating firearm regulations, eliminating ATF violations and applying for digital storage variances.

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