ATF Releases Updated Electronic Form 4473 (“e4473”)

ATF Releases Electronic Version of New Form 4473 (“e4473”)

Announcement – ATF Releases Updated e4473 

The ATF has released an updated version of its electronic Form 4473 or “e4473”.  Two important changes were made:

  • Question 5: Caliber or Gauge – This field is now free text.  The user may record “none” or “N/A” if/when appropriate.
  • Question 34: Transferor’s Name – This field is no longer required to be completed before the user can view and print the form. This question must be completed before the firearm is transferred.

Users can click the link to download the application and find answers to many of the most commonly asked questions



Special Note For Microsoft Edge Users:

  • When utilizing a Windows Operating System, in order to properly view and print completed forms, the user must change their PDF default settings to Microsoft Edge. Instructions on how to change your default settings can be found on the application page at

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