Small-Medium Firearm Manufacturers

Firearm industry sales continue to grow – and you want part of that. Increased firearm manufacturing and exporting means that subcontractors and service providers like you, who provide heat treat, milling, and coating services can gain financially.

But beware – Making the transition into the firearms industry or maintaining a small firearms manufacturing operation (FFL Type 07 or 10) doesn’t excuse you from the same regulations as your big brothers.

Protecting your FFL is not something you take lightly. As your operation grows and expands, you need expert advice to help you navigate confusing compliance and ATF regulatory questions in simple language to keep your business moving forward.

Orchid Advisors helps small to medium-sized firearm manufacturers and sub-contractors reach their financial growth goals while also making sure ATF compliance is embedded into every stage of your business from manufacturing, inventory tracking, import/export and vendor management by providing the training and online education you need to harness compliance for your business’ continued success.

Do you face these challenges?

We often receive phone calls and inquiries from organizations just like yours with questions such as:

  • I want to manufacturer an 80% lower receiver, can I?
  • Can I use a vendor outside of the United States or do I need to be concerned about ITAR rules?
  • Who is responsible for making firearm receivers and frames in accordance with ATF issued variances and Ruling 2009-5?
  • Are there simple software solutions to help me manage by mid-sized Book of Acquisition and Disposition?

Contact Orchid Advisors to begin your compliance transformation.

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As a small FFL license holder it can be difficult to fully understand requirements and how best to achieve compliance. We engaged the services of Orchid Advisors and I can honestly say it was the best thing we ever did. Orchid not only completed a site assessment but more importantly educated our team and shared best practices on how to best to improve the current state. They are without a doubt subject matter experts and I would not work with anyone else.

Confidential, Director of Operations – USA Based Manufacturer