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Zero Tolerance Protection Recap

Written by Orchid


October 31, 2022


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Over the last two months, we’ve written about the Biden administration’s zero tolerance policy, increased ATF activities, and stricter corrective action against FFLs. Throughout our Zero Tolerance Protection series, we’ve shared insight into laws, rules and regulations, inspection and revocation procedures, industry data, and our own experience as compliance and technology experts. 

Whether you’ve been followed from the beginning, or this is your first exposure to our series, we hope you find our articles educational, informative, and relevant. Below, you’ll find a recap of the entire series, organized by topic.

Orchid Zero Tolerance Protection

At Orchid, our team of operations, technology and legal professionals understand the risks of today’s firearm businesses. For over a decade, we’ve worked with FFLs big and small to implement leading compliance best practices and software solutions to eliminate violations and protect licenses from revocation.

Learn how we can protect your FFL from a zero tolerance revocation with a Zero Tolerance Rapid Assessment of prior ATF Reports of Violations, your A&D Bound Book, and recent ATF Forms 4473, an in-person or remote mock ATF inspection, and leading compliance software for manufacturers and retailers.

Biden Zero Tolerance Webinar