Firearm manufacturing FFLs are notably on the rise driven by consumer demand and the number of new boutique manufacturers and hobbyists seeking to obtain a license to make, sell or collect guns. Concurrently, the desire for simplified, software-driven manufacturing operations is growing at a rapid pace. Orchid’s ERP experts have seen an astounding number of requests by Type 07 and Type 10 FFL holders who want to adopt either on-premise ERP or cloud-based ERP software. Buyer beware – manufacturing ERP systems are not designed for federal firearms licensees “out of the box.” While many advertise their “serialization” capabilities, serialization functionality is only one of several software requirements necessary to drive your firearm manufacturing operation. As we look ahead into 2021, Orchid expects to see a significant number of FFLs investing in ERP software from vendors such as NetSuite, Microsoft 365, Sage, SAP, Epicor and others. Those firearm manufacturers have and will continue to seek out applications that easily integrate with an electronic A&D bound book, ATF eForms, laser marking devices and various inventory barcoding, scanning and control functions. The following are ten questions that we hear most from clients who are shopping for or who have recently purchased and installed a firearm ERP manufacturing system.
  • How do I Integrate an Electronic Bound Book to a Firearm Manufacturing ERP
  • How do I Setup My Firearm ERP PLM Function to Control Item Setup and Bill of Material
  • How do I Configure My Firearm ERP Vendor and Customer Master for FFL Results
  • How can a Manufacturing FFL Integrate Lasers and ERP to Mark or Serialize Firearms
  • How can a Manufacturing FFL Use Serial Number Reservation Systems to Control Application
  • How do I Use 2D Firearm Barcodes to Control Manufacturing FFL Inventory
  • How do I Use an ASN to Control Serialized Firearm Receipts in My ERP
  • How do I Assign Firearm Serial Numbers to Manufacturing ERP Production Work Orders
  • How do I Configure My Firearm Manufacturing ERP for Gun Assembly and Packing
  • How do I Properly Record Firearm Theft / Loss, Found and Destroyed in My Manufacturing FFL ERP
Over the next several months our experts will expand upon each question, providing lessons learned from our experience implementing firearm manufacturing ERP systems. In the meantime, if you find yourself headed down the ERP selection path take the time to step back and ask your software vendor each of these questions to assess their knowledge, experience and capability in firearm manufacturing.

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