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State & Federal Firearms Regulations: June–July 2021

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August 13, 2021


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Across the nation, the fight to defend the Second Amendment and protect FFLs never ends. With new legislation introduced regularly, Orchid’s legal expert partners track bills at the state and federal level to keep you informed of the latest actions and their potential impact on your firearms business.

The list below represents a sample of firearms regulations introduced during June–July 2021.

State Regulations

CA AB1191 Would require the California Department of Justice to analyze state firearms trace data and submit an annual report made available to the public summarizing the analysis. Status: In committee (7/14/2021) | Bill Details

DE SB6 – Titled “Delaware Large Capacity Magazine Prohibition Act of 2021;” would make it unlawful for a person to manufacture, sell, purchase or possess any large-capacity magazine capable of accepting more than 17 rounds. Status: Passed by House (6/24/2021) | Bill Details

MA H1734 – Would require firearms manufactured, sold or rented be capable of microstamping ammunition with the firearm’s make, model and serial number; and limit firearm possession to no more than 15 firearms during any one year period. Status: In committee, hearing held (7/27/2021) | Bill Details

MA H4038 Would redefine “large capacity weapon” and “assault weapon” and ban any semi-automatic firearm, rifle or shotgun with various features. Status: In committee (7/29/2021) | Bill Details

NY S00050 – Would require firearm manufacturers who sell or distribute firearms in the state to report how many firearms they manufacture and sell each year to the Department of Criminal Justice. Status: In committee (6/10/2021) | Bill Details

NY S01235 ­– Would mandate a 10-day waiting period for the purchase of any firearm from the date of initiated background check, requiring NICS approval for transfer. Status: In committee (6/2/2021) | Bill Details

OR HB2543 – Would require FFLs to receive a unique approval number from state police before transferring a firearm, unless no number is provided by the end of the next business day. Status: In committee (6/26/2021) | Bill Details

OR SB585 Would repeal statutes creating state preemption of local firearm regulation, including the discharge of firearms, possession of loaded firearms in public, possession or sale of firearms, and purchase of used firearms. Status: In committee (6/26/2021) | Bill Details

PA HB 1751 Would require photographic identification to purchase firearm ammunition; FFLs who violate statute would be prohibited from selling ammunition for 30 days following their third or subsequent offense. Status: In committee (7/30/2021) | Bill Details

PA SB761 Would mandate a 72-hour waiting period for firearm transfers between licensed manufacturers, dealers and importers and unlicensed persons. Status: In committee (6/24/2021) | Bill Details

Federal Regulations

US HR3998 – Titled “Fairness in Firearm Testing Act;” would require the ATF make video recordings of complete firearm and ammunition examinations and testing. Status: In committee (6/17/2021) | Bill Details

US HR4271 – Titled “Keeping Gun Dealers Honest Act of 2021;” would require greater accountability by licensed firearms dealers, including increasing annual ATF inspections and increasing penalties for FFL violations and offenses. Status: In committee (6/30/2021) | Bill Details

US HR4423 Titled “Gun Theft Prevention Act;” would create regulations to ensure safety and security of licensed firearm dealers, including an annual security plan compliance certification requirement; would also eliminate limit on annual ATF inspections. Status: In committee (7/13/2021) | Bill Details

US HR4804 – Would amend the NICS Improvement Amendments Act of 2007 to provide notification to law enforcement agencies in the event background check conducted by NICS determines a person may not receive a firearm. Status: In committee (7/29/2021) | Bill Details

US S2325 – Titled “Making America Safe and Secure (MASS) Act of 2021;” would provide grants to states to encourage the implementation and maintenance of firearms licensing requirements. Status: In committee (7/13/2021) | Bill Details

For help navigating current state and federal firearm regulations and how to stay ATF compliant, contact us for on-call FFL compliance services and to learn how Orchid can protect your FFL.

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