Smith & Wesson Veteran Joins Orchid As The Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Shaun Phelan

HARTFORD, CT – June 16, 2020 – Orchid Advisors is proud to announce the appointment of Shaun Phelan as its Vice President of Sales and Marketing. This appointment is one of many strategic hires that will expand Orchid’s offerings to include data-driven and consumer-focused products for the shooting sports industry. Mr. Phelan officially joined the company on June 15, 2020.


Mr. Jon Rydberg, Chief Executive Officer at Orchid Advisors commented on Shaun‘s appointment, “Over the last few months, Orchid has been developing new products that will address an unfulfilled technology niche inside of the firearm supply chain and with retail consumers. In preparation for their launch, we need strong and consistent marketing to build our presence in the marketplace. Shaun’s strategic thinking around branding, messaging, and product development will provide Orchid with a more consistent and increased presence that we need to grow our company.”


Over the last thirteen years, Mr. Phelan held various leadership roles at Smith & Wesson that were focused on mastering consumer demand patterns in the handgun and modern sporting rifle segments. Most recently, Mr. Phelan was the Director of the Sales and Marketing Operations team that deployed analytical methods to drive retail firearm sales both in-store and through online, eCommerce channels. Previously, Mr. Phelan was the brand manager for the M&P and Walther product lines.


Mr. Phelan said, “Orchid has built a strong reputation over the last decade as the most respected leader in the firearms operations and compliance space. I am excited to be part of the team that will lead the launch of the new Orchid products and services. I’m proud to join the experienced team that Jon has been assembled.”

About Orchid Advisors

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