Primary Arms Successfully Launches Orchid eBound™

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August 05, 2021



The following is a press release published by Orchid client, Primary Arms.

HOUSTON, TX (August 4, 2021) – Primary Arms is proud to announce the successful launch of Orchid eBound™ as their company-wide FFL management system.

Orchid eBound™ is a comprehensive FFL A&D Bound Book and 4473 file management system with organizational and operational tools that improve efficiency and reduce compliance costs. Orchid records all the ATF-regulated business transactions in one intuitive bound book, ensuring compliance with ATF Rulings 2016-1, -2, and -3. Their integrated digital signatures can turn any desktop, tablet, or mobile device into a compliant 4473 system, and the simple management structure makes it easy to monitor the serialized inventory and forms.

As of August 2, 2021, Primary Arms is using Orchid eBound™ for its main FFL management system. This is the first step in a larger plan to streamline the Primary Arms FFL infrastructure, making it easier for Primary Arms’ retail partners in managing forms and transactions. Next, Primary Arms will integrate Orchid throughout its NetSuite ERP system for improved efficiency, workflow, and data analysis. Once complete, Primary Arms will implement a digital storage of all documents for every FFL/NFA transaction, working towards an end-goal of an ATF-approved digital storage variance with 100% paperless FFL management.

“Utilizing an industry-leading electronic bound book is critical for running successful FFL operations. We are thrilled to work with Orchid to launch eBound™ here at Primary Arms,” says Joyce Banda, Primary Arms’ Vice President of Compliance. “The new system not only makes FFL and NFA paperwork a walk in the park but also ensures compliance with the latest ATF rulings. We’d like to issue a special thanks to Shaun Phelan and the team in making this transition happen so seamlessly.”

Orchid VP of Sales & Marketing, Shaun Phelan, said, “We are honored Primary Arms has chosen Orchid for its FFL compliance needs. Our company’s mission is to help FFLs, large and small, to streamline their operations while maintaining 100% compliance with industry regulations.”

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Started in 2008, Primary Arms began as an optics manufacturer focused on delivering the absolute best performance optics for any budget. Today, Primary Arms continues that legacy, expanding to provide best-in-class service for wholesale, LE/MIL sales, and online retail. Wherever your needs lie, Primary Arms wants to be your first choice and favorite partner. For more information, visit

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Dina Sanders
Brand Marketing Manager, Primary Arms

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